Why do babies’ eyes bleed? How is the bleeding of the eyes in a newborn baby?

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Bleeding in the eyes, which is more common in babies who are sensitive to external factors and who have allergies, can sometimes frighten parents. Details of the causes and treatment of eye bleeding in infants and children are in our news. So why do babies’ eyes bleed?

One of the common ailments in the neonatal period and in children is eye bleeding. Eye bleeding, which can develop due to various factors such as viruses or bacteria, is more common in infants and children whose bodies are sensitive to external factors and affected by allergic reactions. In daily life, eye bleeding, also known as ‘red eye disease’ in everyday life, is referred to as ‘conjunctivitis’ in the medical literature . In some cases, the baby’s eye regains its former health without the need for treatment, while in others an appropriate treatment plan can be created. Eye bleeding seen in children mostly occurs as a result of allergies that increase in spring seasons or due to dust. In such a situation, taking measures against the external factors that are effective will be sufficient for the improvement of eye bleeding.


Babies who are in the period of exploring themselves and their environment are always curious because they are inquisitive due to their development. They want to touch small toys and objects. After touching these objects, they can get their hands in contact with their eyes and get infected and cause blood in the eyes. Especially fluffy toys constantly cause blood in the eyes of babies.

Apart from such toys, standing in dry environments is another factor of eye bleeding.


Babies should be kept away from dusty and windy environments as much as possible to prevent eye bleeding. In addition, it should not be forgotten that babies may have blood in their eyes when they do not get enough sleep.

The most common cause of bloodshot eyes in infants and children indicates a microbial problem. If eye bleeding is rare, there is no medical condition. However, if there is frequent and persistent bleeding, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

In the treatment of eye bleeding, antibiotic drops can be applied, or the bleeding can go away on its own.

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