Who was eliminated by Doya Doya Moda? Doya Doya Moda 22 July standings

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TV8’s fashion competition program, Doya Doya Moda, which was followed with great interest, started last week. The winner of the July 22 program in Doya Doya Moda, where 7 contestants tried to make him like himself with his style, was announced. So who was eliminated in the first week of Doya Doya Moda? Here are the ones who are curious about the Doya Doya Fashion competition.

The standings of the Doya Doya Moda program were announced on Wednesday, July 22nd. Here is the standings in the July 22 episode of Doya Doya Moda:

– Birben: 19

– Nur: 16

– Rabia: 11

– Rumeysa: 10

– Rumeysa: 8

– Faith: 6

– Aylin: 5

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TV8’s game show that is watched with excitement Doya Doya The winner of Moda was announced on Tuesday, July 22nd. On Tuesday, July 21st, Aylin was the winner with 14 points, and the table was as follows:

– Aylin: 14

– Rabia: 13

– Birben: 12

– Nur: 11

– Rümeysa: 8

– Rümeysa: 8

– Faith: 4

Fashion program broadcast on TV8, which started its second season last week, Doya Doya Moda’ The final of the week took place in the final of the week. What happened on Friday, July 18, was a matter of curiosity for the contestants who tried to make themselves liked. In Doya Doya Moda, where sadness and joy were on the screen at the same time, the contestants shopped with the concept of their friends’ engagement.

The winner of the week was Iman Dollar with 74 points. Dollar became the owner of the gold necklace. Aylin and Aslı entered the qualifying basket. Aslı Adıyaman, who got 50 points, was eliminated.

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Jury of Hakan Akkaya, Seray Sever, Uğurkan Erez and Gülşah Saraçoğlu, The first season of TV8’s popular fashion-themed competition show Doya Doya Moda ended in the past few weeks. Betül Böçkün, who impressed everyone with her life story, was the winner of the competition. The new season promotion of the program has been released. The names that will compete in the program, which will start on July 13, have also started to be a matter of curiosity. Everyone started looking for new contestants. So who are the new contestants of the Doya Doya Fashion program? Here are those who are curious about the Doya Doya Fashion program:



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Born in 1996, Birben Coşkun is originally from İzmir. He graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Econometrics. There is an organization company and a boutique patisserie.


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The competitor was born in 1997, originally from Mersin, but was born in Bursa. She has been living in Istanbul for 20 years. The competitor, who is quite assertive, said, “My opponents should be afraid of me. I have a lot of confidence in my style, stance and character, and I think they will understand this very soon. I came here to be first.’ uses the sentences she.


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The contestant, who uses social media actively, has a son named Doruk. The competitor, who also frequently shares with his son, is also very active on Instagram and TikTok accounts. It also gets likes from its followers.


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Tözüm, who is also a professional dancer, is 23 years old. The contestant, who is originally from Elazig, has previously participated in Everything is Beautiful.


Born in 1998, Aslı Adyaman is originally from Adana, but she was born in Istanbul. Adıyaman, whose height is 1.60, weighs 77 kilos and has a daughter named Arya. Adıyaman, ‘Let my opponents fear me because I came here to sign with my style.’ says.

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