What to eat in sahur? The easiest recipes for sahur! The most delicious recipes for cooking in sahur

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With the arrival of Ramadan, sahur becomes as important as iftar. Many people are indecisive about what to eat for sahur. If you want to decorate your tables with special tastes for your loved ones and guests for sahur time, you can take a look at the recipes we have prepared. Here are the practical recipes that can be made in sahur:

With the arrival of Ramadan, the kitchen has increased in rush. Ladies who want to prepare the most special recipes for their loved ones during Ramadan started to think , ‘What should I cook’ . Recipes that will keep you both healthy and full of height are on the top of the Google search engine. If you are looking for quick suhoor meals that you can prepare at sahur time, practical and easy recipes, economical sahur meals with ingredients that can be found in every home, filling and satisfying sahur meal recipes, and sahur meals that will not make you thirsty, this article is for you. In today’s article, there are flavors that you will like very much and that will shed light on those who have guests at the sahur.

Omelette with Sausage

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Omelette, which becomes a delicious taste when it comes together with plenty of cheddar and sausage in it, is magnificent at sahur tables. will be. The sausage omelet, which is both satisfying and loved by everyone, will wake up those who wake up at sahur with its fragrant smell. So, how to make a sausage omelet?


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1 bagel
1 egg
Grated cheddar
Black pepper


Melt the butter in a pan and fry the bagel in oil. Crack the egg in the middle of the fried bagel. Add grated cheddar and black pepper and close the lid of the pan. Serve after the egg is cooked.


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3 potatoes
Cheddar cheese
Black pepper
Olive oil


Mix the grated cheddar and potatoes in a deep bowl. Add the other ingredients and continue mixing for a while. Put greaseproof paper in the toaster and cook the mixture by putting it in greaseproof paper. Combining cheddar cheese and potatoes, this recipe will help keep you full.


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10 slices of stale bread
3 sliced ​​tomatoes
Olives, diced
A bowl of grated cheddar cheese


Put the grated cheddar, tomatoes and olives on the bread in order. Then bake the breads you prepared in the oven at 120 degrees for 20 minutes.


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250 grams of ground beef
3 eggs
One tablespoon of butter
Salt, Black pepper


Melt the butter in the pan and throw the minced meat into the pan. After frying for a while, add the black pepper. Finally, break the eggs and add the salt and mix. After the eggs are fully cooked, transfer them to the serving plate.


Evaluating stale bread We have a special recipe for those who want it. Egg bread, which can be made so that both the breads are valuable and the sahur tables are cheerful, will go very well with the tea.


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In the morning, lunch, afternoon, afternoon tea or dinner… In short, pancakes, which you can consume in different varieties at any time of the day, are usually cooked for breakfast. Pancakes, which are not missing from breakfast abroad, are also magnificent in sahur. So how are crepes made?

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