What to do with a child who does not want to sleep? Sleep problems in children

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Inadequate sleep in childhood triggers unhealthy development and growth. If your child does not like to sleep or wakes up frequently, the reason may be due to these possibilities! You can read our news to read the reasons why children wake up and the effect of noon nap on development. Sleep problems seen in childhood…

Sleep development, which is one of our basic needs such as eating and drinking, is very important for a healthy growth. Sleep pattern, which is necessary for everyone, whether young or old, is the most basic condition for physical and mental growth in children. The inability to sleep regularly or the frequent interruptions of night sleep affect growth and development negatively. The reason is that growth hormones do their job during deep sleep. The brain development of newborn babies takes an average of three years to complete, and this development takes place in REM sleep . No matter how resting the body is during sleep, the mind is always in motion. The information learned during the day is repeated during sleep and stored in the memory. Therefore, the fact that children who sleep regularly learn more easily and quickly emerges.


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When we look at the education schedules in the preschool period, we see that many schools have bedtime schedules for children in their lunchtime schedules. The reason is that noon nap is as important as night sleep for children between 0-6 years old. Lunch, which is important for children, is a necessity for babies. For a healthy development, babies need to be put to sleep several times a day in the first years. In childhood, if a child who needs to sleep for 2 hours wakes up earlier for various reasons, if the child is cheerful or cheerful, this does not pose any problem. The important place here is the behavior of the child after sleep.

Missing the time slot at noon is a detail that needs attention as it can upset the child’s nighttime sleep schedule. If the child sleeps in the evening at a time when he should go to bed in the afternoon, he will go to bed later at night or get up at midnight because he will go to sleep earlier.


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Although it is more necessary than a necessity to take a nap during childhood, if your child does not want to sleep at lunchtime, you should not force it. If he needs sleep, he will fall asleep on his own. The reason why he wakes up early when he sleeps may be due to genetic reasons or a problem arising from the childhood stage. You can arrange some exercises during bedtime. If he is playing a game, he can slow down the game, make him read a book or sing a lullaby.


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One of the factors that cause children to wake up from sleep is night terrors. The most obvious difference between night terrors and nightmares, which is seen 90 minutes after the child falls asleep, is that the child does not remember anything when he wakes up and wakes up with a scream. Nightmares occur during the first stage of REM sleep, while night terrors occur during non-REM sleep in deeper sleep .

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Another factor that causes children to wake up from their sleep is commonly seen in the 61-15 age group. is sleepwalking. Sleepwalking, which is more common in boys than girls, is when the child returns to bed after a 10 to 30 minute stroll. The factor that triggers the disorder is genetic problems.

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The problem of bedwetting, seen in the 2-3 year old age group, is one of the effective reasons for interrupting sleep at night. . Early start of toilet training or insistent attitudes of families on this issue can lead to bedwetting.

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