What to do if dough remains inside the cake? What can be done to prevent the rising cake from deflating? A cake with a raw inside..

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Since the cake, which has been made for centuries, which is generally indispensable for tea and coffee hours, is cooked with both practical and home-made materials, there are some tricks to consider for the cake made almost every day of the week to rise. So how does the cake rise? What to do if dough remains inside the cake? What can be done to prevent the rising cake from deflating? You can learn the answers to your questions from the details of our news.

Cake, although it may seem easy to make, is a delicacy whose tricks must be paid attention to. A single mistake made while preparing the dough can cause the cake to remain doughy. The most common situation when making a cake is that the inside of the cake remains doughy, the cake dough does not rise and the middle of the cake deflates or collapses after baking. The inside of the cake, which we eagerly wait for it to be cooked, can sometimes remain in the consistency of dough. Baking a cake takes a bit of ingenuity, even if you think you’ve done the steps carefully to make a great cake. So, why is the inside of the cake raw and how to save the cake? Here are the methods to save the cake with dough inside:

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The first reason why the cake stays in dough consistency is to apply the recipe measures correctly. Or if the recipe isn’t reliable enough, you may have trouble getting the measurements right. The runny consistency of the cake batter prevents the cake from being of full consistency. Therefore, reliable recipes must be applied.

  • When preparing the recipe, be careful to use the measurements correctly instead of adding ingredients by accident. If you use too much liquid ingredients in the cake, the cake batter will become runny and the inside may remain raw during baking. Therefore, if you have added more liquid than the recipe measures, you can balance it by adding the same amount of flour or cocoa.
  • Another reason is to use too much baking powder. If you use too much baking powder so that your cake will rise more, this will cause the cake to rise in a short time and remain raw inside.
  • To bake the cake evenly, be sure to preheat the oven. Do not open the oven door during the cooking process.
  • After the cake is baked, do not slice it immediately. Instead, let it rest for at least 10 minutes at room temperature. In this way, it will maintain its temperature after the cooking process and the possibility of remaining raw will decrease.
  • The performance of the oven you use and the cake molds you use may also cause the cake to remain wet.

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Be sure to do a toothpick test after baking the cake in the oven. If you noticed that the inside of the cake is not cooked in the toothpick test, cover the cake mold (tray, pyrex) with another cake mold or place the cake mold inside the pot and close the lid. Return the cake to the oven and lower the oven temperature to 120. Turn off the upper part of the oven, only operate the lower part. Bake your cake for another 15 minutes on low heat. In this way, it will not burn and the inside will be cooked. With this method, you can save your cake with dough inside.

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So why did this cake, which you did all the steps as it should be, extinguished?


There are many reasons why your cake may go out suddenly and never rise. One of the main reasons for this is, of course, temperature changes. No matter how you made your cake with the right steps, if you did not heat your oven at the appropriate temperature or if you constantly open and close the oven door during the baking phase, there is a high probability that the cake will go out.

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In recipes, especially when you need to preheat your oven to a certain temperature and at a certain temperature, It says you need to cook. Bake your cake for the first 20-25 minutes without changing this temperature, by opening the oven door and without temperature changes.

Do not suddenly dip a hard object (such as a knife, fork) into the cake in order to check whether the inside is cooked in the next stages. Test with a toothpick a maximum of several times. Hard and sharp objects that you touch the cake may cause its consistency to deteriorate. Take care to cook and test this way.

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Another reason why the cake does not rise or go out is your oven itself. The baking performance of the oven, the inability to distribute the heat evenly to all places, the incomplete closing of the door and the problems of keeping the heat inside can cause your cake to go out.

It is possible to experience this problem especially with cakes you bake in fan programs for faster cooking. Therefore, be sure to use an oven that emits heat correctly.

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Another problem is that the ingredients used in the recipe are stale. Especially the stale egg causes the cake not to rise well. The expiry date of the baking powder or the fact that it has not been stored properly also causes the cake to deflate.

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Another mistake is to take the cake out immediately when it’s baked. In this way, you can see sudden bursts in your cake. Stop deflating, your cake may collapse.

Bon appetit…

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