What to do for twin pregnancy? Ways to increase the chances of twins naturally

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We have brought together suggestions for couples who want to have twin babies to increase their chances of achieving their dreams. So how to make twins naturally? What should be done to give birth to twins? What are the methods that increase the chances of twin pregnancy? Here are the things that those who want to give birth to two babies with a single birth should know…

To the mothers who carry +1 more life in their womb compared to ordinary pregnancies, although it may seem like a difficult and tiring thing to take care of twin babies, they will experience what they will experience when they hold them. they will be able to say ‘Good luck’ with indescribable happiness . It is possible to achieve the probability of twin babies by trying various methods, which is not possible for everyone. Although genetic factors are the primary factor in the formation of twin babies, today’s infertility treatment, is a treatment method that provides ovulation by stimulating the ovaries in people who cannot become mothers. As a result of more than one ovulation during the treatment, fertilization with sperm occurs. This fertilized egg is called zygote and twin pregnancy occurs. The incidence of multiple pregnancies in the high-risk pregnancies group is more common due to some factors. At the beginning of these factors, the mother-to-be has twins or the spouses have twins on both sides, the delay of pregnancy to advanced age and people who have given birth more than once. Again, apart from these factors, if the treatment methods applied by couples who want to have a child will result in positive results, it usually manifests itself as twin pregnancy. Since more than one egg can be thrown in the applied treatment methods, twin pregnancy occurs more frequently.

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Let’s take a detailed look at twin pregnancies divided into two groups as single and fraternal twin pregnancies:

Fraternal twins:

Fraternal twins are formed by fertilization of two separate eggs by two separate sperm in cases where women ovulate once at the beginning of each month, but rarely twins. . Their gender may be different.

Identical twins:

Identical twins are formed as a result of a single fertilized egg turning into two separate embryos. They are so similar to each other that they are almost exactly the same. Blood types, gender, hair and eye colors are the same.


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It has a higher complication rate compared to normal pregnancy. These complications are especially preterm birth, gestational blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and limitation of growth in the uterus. Premature birth is seen in half of the women who conceived twins, and if it is noticed beforehand that the babies will be born prematurely, the birth can be stopped with preventive treatments or injection time can be gained for the lung development of the babies.

If twin babies do not grow at the same rate as each other, this is considered as mismatched twins . This condition, which can lead to death, is referred to as twin-twin transfusion syndrome in the medical literature. This syndrome, which is seen in identical twins, can be seen as a result of unequal distribution of blood if the babies share the same placenta.

Other methods that increase the chances of couples who dream of twins to achieve their wishes are as follows…


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Genetic characteristics play an important role in order for pregnancy to be multiple such as twins, triplets or quadruplets. Although twin pregnancies are seen in relatives of the father, it is not known to have much of an effect, but multiple pregnancies seen on the mother’s side strengthen having twins.

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Experts, She points out that being pregnant at an advanced age is a risky situation for the mother and the baby herself. Especially after the age of 40, pregnant women are more likely to have disability in their babies. However, apart from this information, 17% of women show that it is possible to get pregnant with twins around the age of 40. The reason is that older women produce more eggs than younger women.

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The weight factor, which is effective in the secretion of reproductive hormones, may increase the probability of conceiving twins. You should stay away from fatty foods such as fast food, instead, you should consult a specialist to gain weight with healthy methods.

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Three from pregnancy It has been observed that folic acid consumption, which should be started 1 month ago, increases the probability of twin pregnancy. You should be careful about gaining weight in natural and healthy ways and you should not neglect regular nutrition. The 400 microgram folic acid supplement that experts recommend for expectant mothers will also prevent possible birth defects in the baby.

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