What should the relationship be like during pregnancy? Until what month of pregnancy can you have intercourse?

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One of the confusing issues regarding the pregnancy period is whether it is harmful to the baby if the expectant mothers have intercourse with their spouses. So, is it possible to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy? Is sexual intercourse during pregnancy harmful to the baby? After which month should you not have intercourse during pregnancy? After which month of pregnancy is intercourse possible? Some of the curious points about the relationship status during pregnancy

Among the most curious and researched topics about the pregnancy period, there are many more topics from nutrition to care, from care to health. Expectant mothers, who need to be more careful than in normal times, should know some situations that should be avoided for the health of the baby during pregnancy, as well as some recommended issues to be done. One of the most confusing issues among the public by hearsay is whether being in close contact with the spouses during pregnancy affects the baby negatively. Especially in the first months of pregnancy, when having sexual intercourse, expectant mothers may be afraid and worried due to the risk of miscarriage. We tried to research for you from the right sources for you whether it is possible to have sexual intercourse while pregnant so that the mother candidates who do not have enough knowledge can have peace of mind during the pregnancy period. So, is intercourse harmful during pregnancy? Until which month of pregnancy should intercourse be done and after what time is it dangerous? Here is the answer…



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Regardless, the perception that intercourse during pregnancy is inconvenient for the baby is not true except for risky pregnancies. Being in a relationship in the first three months of pregnancy, called the first trimester, is generally not considered appropriate by doctors to solve the risk of miscarriage.

In the first three months, when pregnancy complaints are common, the desire for intercourse may have decreased considerably due to physical ailments. Although rare, it may be appropriate for expectant mothers to have intercourse outside of the first three months. However, some cases are exceptional! Here are the situations that prevent intercourse during pregnancy…

– Pregnant women at risk of miscarriage

It can be a difficult process for the baby to hold on to the uterine wall, making sudden movements or getting tired can trigger miscarriage. Therefore, these pregnant women should not have intercourse.

– Pregnant women with bleeding

Bleeding due to different reasons can be a dangerous situation for intercourse.

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– Premature birth

Probability of giving birth earlier than expected If so, doctors can forbid intercourse.

– Women in the last month of pregnancy

It is not recommended to have intercourse in the ninth month of pregnancy and in the last three months of twin pregnancies.

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Since it will be more difficult to live outside of the first trimester and due to the growth of the abdomen, an unsuitable relationship in the last period of pregnancy may lead to unexpected problems during pregnancy.

Having intercourse in situations and times when the doctor does not mind does not harm because the baby in the womb is in the amniotic fluid and is protected by a mucoid plug.

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