What is turban design? The most trending turban design models of 2021

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Indispensable for weddings and special occasions, turbans are offered to women in different designs in the new season. Lace and tulle details are at the forefront of turban designs, which are very fashionable this year with designs suitable for one’s own style. Let’s examine together the most stylish and trendy turban design of 2021.

The design of the hijab means to design the headscarves of closed women, especially on special occasions. The so-called turban design is to be stylish and elegant on the special day, where everyone has their own style and by staying away from populist approaches without going out of style. When deciding on a turban design, it is necessary to create an integrity not only with the turban, but also with clothes and make-up. As it can be seen when the 2021 turban design models, which are being prepared for hijab women, are examined, we see more modern, different and stylish designs in this period compared to the past.

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Most of the women in the new season will have the opportunity to get turban design models that will best reflect their style.

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Classic style turban designs stand out as the favorite designs of women in 2021, as in every season.

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This turban design, which is often preferred in daily life, does not use any accessories.

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However, in special occasions such as invitations, henna, weddings, engagements, most women prefer more ostentatious turban designs instead of classical style turban designs.

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In addition, pearl turban accessories preferred by many women in the past will be the most trendy accessory in 2021 as well.

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Pearls can be used in turbans in two different ways.

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One of the details that come to the fore this season is the frequent use of floral accessories in turbans.

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Artificial flower accessories, which are attached to the place where the turban ends on the forehead, can be taken mainly in accordance with the turban color to be chosen.

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