What is the size and how is the size made? What region are you from? The easiest stew recipe

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One of the local dishes of Kars, sizzle is still on the tables as one of the indispensable tastes of the palate. Haşıl used to be a dish that workers in the fields cooked when they wanted to fill their stomachs with a cheap and nutritious meal. So what is Hasil and how is Hasil made? What region are you from? The easiest hash recipe is in our today’s article.

The local dish made with wheat or bulgur in various regions of Anatolia is eaten by pouring sizzling, garlic yoghurt and melted butter on it. Sizing, the preparation of which varies according to the region, is also made without garlic, depending on preference in Kars. Ashura bulgur, which is crushed with a grinding stone, is slowly dropped into boiling water when it takes the form of flour. The dish, which is infused for about 5 minutes, is placed on a tray when it starts to thicken, and it is eaten with a round shape in the middle, and butter is poured on yoghurt.

  • Menice Başkaya, who prepared sizing for the guests at the Kars Caucasian Horse Sports Club building, first prepared the stones to grind the bulgur. He threw the bulgur into the stone little by little and turned it with the strength of his wrist. Baskaya prepared the main ingredient of the carpet, then cooked his meal and made it ready to be presented to the guests.

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Menice Başkaya, who said that she provided her children with organic nutrition by cooking local food, said “These dishes are very delicious. Our mothers used to cook it while our grandfathers and fathers were plowing the fields. We had hangel, cut vaccine and many other dishes. When I was young I would go to wool weaving, they would cook us a size or hangel.

We used to fill our stomachs with them. Pasta and rice were not much at that time. We always had local food. We used to eat these dishes. We ate these dishes 3 years ago, and we will eat them today. From now on, I will always make this dish. I miss them a lot when I don’t eat them. Since my children do not know these dishes, I cook them from time to time, let them learn and forget. they; so that they too can teach their own children” .



2 cups wheat
2 tablespoons flour
Half teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons butter


Take the wheat in a pot and add hot water and salt to cover it. Let the wheat absorb the water a little over low heat.

Add the flour on the watered wheat

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Close the lid of the pot you removed from the heat and let the wheat infuse for 5 minutes

Beat the garlic and mix it with the yogurt Melt the butter in a small pan

Divide the rested carpet on plates and melt it Spread the butter on it. Drizzle the garlic yogurt over the oil.

Finally, open the middle of the plate like a pool and pour melted butter there.

Bon appetit…

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