What is the new trend of the season dad jeans? How to combine dad jeans?

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Dad jeans, which have similar features with mom jeans that accompany every season and can be easily combined, are among the trends of the 2020 summer season. So what are dad jeans? How to combine dad jeans? All the details about Dad jeans are in our news.

Mom jeans still maintain their place among the most preferred trouser models of today. Dad jeans are among the trends for this summer instead of mom jeans, which are among the first choices in terms of being easily combined. In the summer season of 2020, father patterns dominate in trousers and t-shirts, just like in sandals. Dad jeans are also included in this pattern. Dad jeans, which can be easily combined like mom jeans, are produced from denim fabric from the ’80s and ’90s seasons. These trousers, which close the legs, draw attention with their tubular cut, unlike mom jeans. The styles that you can apply for dad jeans in the summer season can be listed as follows:

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If a very shabby look is desired, a loose shirt or t-shirt can be preferred over dad jeans. However, short and narrow tops can also be preferred for father patterns. Sports shoes are the most suitable shoes for these trousers.

Today, it is obvious that small bags are more prominent than large and wide bags. For this reason, this type of bag is among the recommended ones in dad jeans combination.

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Regardless of the pattern, there are some details you should pay attention to when choosing a jeans. If you know these, you will make the right choice for yourself:

– If you do not want to look fat, loose jeans should not be preferred. Because these pants make the person look more overweight than they are.

– People with narrow hip measurements should prefer stretch jeans.

– Pay attention to the back pocket of the purchased jeans. Standard pocket sizes are the most ideal in terms of the stance of your trousers.

– Wide legs and low waist jeans are suitable for all body types. For this reason, the legs of the trousers should be loose from the knee down.

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