What is quilted fabric? 2020 quilted dress models

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Quilted fabric is one of the 2020 fashion trends. There are some curious information about the quilted fabric preferred in the production of dress models. The first of these is what the quilted fabric is and the other is where it is used. In our content, we have included both the answers to these questions and the quilted dress models of the season.

In the 2020 fashion season, different styles come to the fore. Quilting, which is formed as a result of placing a filling material such as fiber and interlining under the fabric and then processing different shapes and patterns, is one of them. Quilted, which has a very wide usage area, finds a place for itself in coats, bags, coats and shoes, outer fabrics, inner linings, trousers and vests, apart from the trendy dresses of the season. Of course, it is also frequently preferred in bedding sets and duvets.

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In quilted dresses with watermelon models on the sleeves, the skirts are designed as balloons. Light tones are preferred as colors.

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Apart from whole and watermelon sleeve models, double sets are also among the models produced for quilted dresses.

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Apart from white and cream tones, yellow stands out as the only color used as a vivid tone.

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