What is poplin fabric and what are the features of poplin fabric?

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Poplin fabric, which is one of the most preferred fabric types in the textile world, is considered as a sister to cotton fabrics due to its structure. Poplin fabric, which is considered one of the most preferred fabrics of the summer season with its thin structure, is mostly preferred in shirts. So what is poplin fabric and what are the features of poplin fabric? Here are the ones who are curious about the trend fabric of the season, poplin fabric.

The most suitable fabric type for summer months is cotton. Because fabrics with 100% cotton do not have moisture retention and sweating properties. These fabrics also give a feeling of freshness to the skin with their soft touch. However, they are not suitable for frequent washing and they absorb the stain. There is another type of fabric that has similar properties with cotton fabrics. Poplin fabric, which is frequently preferred especially for shirts in summer, belongs to the same family as cotton fabrics. Poplin, one of the indispensable fabrics of summer months, has a thin and light structure.


Poplin fabric, which can be found in almost every wardrobe, even if it is a piece, is among the most well-known fabric types, especially for summer months, thanks to its soft texture. This fabric is obtained through dense weaving in fine threads. Today, its production is provided with mercerized fine combed cotton yarns.

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The main features of poplin fabric, which can be used easily in different areas of textile, are as follows :

– It has a soft structure due to its fine yarn and dense weaving feature.

– Handled over cotton weaving. Its degree is 0.

– It can be used in the production of pieces such as bed sheets, duvet covers, baby covers.

– However, it can be used in the production of almost any clothing.

– Despite its thin structure, it can also be used in winter. Because it also has the feature of keeping warm.

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