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Do you know what the Parisian style is, one of the favorite styles of French women? How to make a Parisian style? We searched for the tips of the Parisian style, which is popular in Paris’ street fashion. You can find the unknowns about the Parisian style, which has been used frequently in our country in recent years, in the details of our news.

Considered the capital of fashion, Paris has a style practiced by two out of every four women on the city streets. This style is called the Parisian style. The Parisian style, which has become a Paris street fashion, also finds a place for itself in hijab clothing. This style has been practiced in Paris since the 1940s and is mostly preferred by upper class people. The pieces that form the basis of the Parisian style, which has a deep-rooted history, are fabric trousers, blouses and jackets. Jackets; shabby, comfortable and useful pieces are included in this style.

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In addition to these, coarse glasses, gloves, handbags, single jewelry and plain make-up form the cornerstones of the Parisian style. The clothes that are preferred by creating a single striped piece or a single color help to increase the cool appearance.

Although this style is generally preferred in the transition from autumn to winter, it can also be seen on the streets of Paris for the summer season. This is achieved with fine fabrics of the same pieces.

You can become a Parisian woman by having this style, which is called the serious style on the street in Turkish fashion and preferred by many phenomena. The most assertive name in this field is; The social media phenomenon becomes a woman named Gutu.

Gutu, which redesigns the Parisian style by following the fashion of each year, is among the most assertive of the timeless fashion. People who can create a Parisian style that stays on the agenda every year with timeless pieces in fashion are defined as the one who prepares the fastest and easiest combinations.

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