What is icing sugar and what ingredient is icing sugar? Uses of powdered sugar

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Powdered sugar, one of the indispensable products of housewives in the kitchen, is used in all dessert recipes. It has been on the agenda again with the title of ‘what is powdered sugar actually made from’, which has been in the kitchens for many years. In today’s article, what is powdered sugar and what is powdered sugar? We did a research on the usage areas of powdered sugar.

Powdered sugar is one of the most searched topics of the day. Thousands of citizens across the country are searching for powdered sugar. Powdered sugar is a powdered form of sugar that is crumbled with some cornstarch. It is a widely used food ingredient in desserts and pastries in Turkish cuisine. Powdered sugar ingredients; There are sugar, starch, anti-caking (tricalcium phosphate), flavoring agents. Powdered sugar, which is used in cookies, desserts, sauces and many other recipes, is a must in the kitchen. Thanks to its locked packaging, you have the chance to store it for a long time.

Powdered sugar is converted into glucose, the most basic form of sugar, from the moment it is taken into the body. Glucose is directed by body cells and used as an energy source. Those who have low blood pressure problems can consume powdered sugar in consultation with the doctor. The benefits of powdered sugar can be counted as follows:

  • It is energizing.
  • It increases blood pressure.
  • It helps to protect skin health.
  • Contains minerals and nutrients.
  • It helps brain functions work.
  • Important minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium in the structure of natural sugar are much less in refined sugar compared to natural sugar.

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1 glass of white granulated sugar
1 tablespoon of starch


Put the granulated sugar and starch in the food processor and pass through the robot for 1-1.5 minutes until they become powdery. Your additive-free, natural powdered sugar is ready.

Wheat starch or corn starch can be used for icing sugar. You get a slightly sweeter powdered sugar when you use cornstarch.

You can use your homemade powdered sugar like powdered sugar you buy from the market.

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Excessive consumption of sugar, on the contrary to supporting brain functions, affects the brain negatively. Excess sugar consumption gives a feeling of heaviness and lethargy, not energy.

It helps to increase blood sugar very quickly as a result of excessive consumption of powdered sugar.

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Weight gain, diabetes, heart and circulation diseases, cancer, kidney stones, hypertension, paralysis, ulcer, asthma, especially tooth decay, It reduces the resistance against diseases such as rheumatism, chronic fatigue syndrome and osteoporosis.

It affects the mineral balance of the body.

As a result of excessive consumption of powdered sugar, it can even cause colon cancer in women.

Nursing mothers, pregnant women, those who want to lose weight, people with chronic, allergic or serious diseases should pay attention to the consumption of powdered sugar.

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