What is good for stretch marks and spots during pregnancy? Do stretch marks creams work? Anti crack…

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Stretch marks, which can develop due to various factors during pregnancy, but mostly due to genetic predisposition, are mostly seen in the belly, chest and hip regions. So, do stretch marks creams work? What should be done to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy? What is good for pregnancy stretch marks? Which oil is good for pregnancy stretch marks? Herbal formulas for pregnancy stretch marks:

The physical and mental changes seen in expectant mothers during pregnancy generally continue for 9 months. We come across problems such as physical growth in certain parts of the mother, cracks and hair loss due to hormones, in mothers who are very sensitive, fragile and delicate in the spiritual sense. Every change seen in this period in expectant mothers is sweet, but sometimes the body structure can be difficult due to the weight gained. The most common change in the body structure, which is changed by the effect of hormones, is cracks. Expectant mothers who hear that such situations will occur during pregnancy can try to prevent the formation of cracks by researching from various sources. Some expectant mothers who do not take precautions do not encounter the problem of cracks. So, what causes stretch marks during pregnancy? What should I do to avoid cracks? What are the best known stretch marks creams for pregnancy and birth stretch marks? Here is the answer…


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Cracks formed by tearing the skin by stretching, especially towards the last stages of pregnancy, can be seen on the body. It first appears in pink. This color, which is initially pink, later turns to purple and white. Rapidly changing weight status, birth control pills, hormonal changes in puberty, cortisone creams can cause cracks. Fair-skinned people are more unlucky in this regard and are prone to stretch marks compared to dark-skinned people.

The elastic structure of the expectant mother whose weight changes rapidly expands or contracts. In this case, it prepares the ground for the formation of cracks. Although there is no definite data from the studies, it is thought that the main factor in the crack is related to the genetic structure. It is known that smoking, excessive sugar consumption and sunlight damage the collagen structure.


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Although there is no cream that heals stretch marks, it is mostly localized by preserving the oil and elasticity of the skin. Some products used help to alleviate cracks. Consideration should be given to water consumption as insufficient amount of fluid consumption will increase the dryness of the skin and the resulting cracking.


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1 cup of cold olive oil, half a cup of Aloe vera gel, lavender

Preparation: In the amount mentioned above Mix the aloe vera gel with olive oil. Then add 1 teaspoon of lavender into it. After passing it through the brander, apply it to the cracked areas. (From the recipe of beautician Suna Dumankaya…)


Sweet almond oil and lemon juice


Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and sweet almond oil on the problem areas with cracks drive gently. (From the recipe of beautician Suna Dumankaya…)


The spots seen during pregnancy do not only occur on the face and hands. It can become more evident according to the skin tone with unnoticeable spots on various parts of the body. Stretch marks due to rapid weight gain are more visible when they begin to weaken after childbirth. It is in your hands to make skin spots less frequent and less severe by applying natural treatments regularly during pregnancy.

Especially after the 6th month, weight gain will begin and cracks may appear around the abdomen, arms and legs in this process. Even in the 2nd or 3rd months, stretch marks may occur in expectant mothers who gain more than 15 kilos or gain more than normal weight gains. So what are the vegetable oils that are good for birthmarks?


It is one of the most useful oils during pregnancy. While it moisturizes the skin, it renews the skin with the vitamin E in the oil.


It has both birthmarks and skin regenerating properties. It strengthens your skin, hair and weakened nails.


It is especially effective in removing cracks that occur during childbirth. It shows its direct effect in fig skin masks, which have rejuvenating properties. It is also very useful in cleaning under-eye bruises and blackheads.


It is one of the oils used in order to prevent cracks and not to lose the elasticity of the skin.

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