What is English milk tea? How to make English tea? Tips for making English tea at home

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We have researched for you how to make English milk tea at home, which we have heard often lately and even the subject of movies. All the details about the tricks of English milk tea, which is symbolized as a part of their culture, are in our article:

The famous milk tea, which they call the symbol of nobility and wealth, is a recipe brought by Queen Anne in the 1600s, which the English served to their breakfasts and even to their special guests. . Adding milk to tea for the first time in Europe in 1680, which has become a tradition that England has adapted to itself and carried to the present day. At the same time, the new taste it adds to tea is appreciated. In the first periods, milk was poured into the glass to warm the glass, but later it started to be poured directly into the glass containing the tea. If you pour the milk into the glass first, you can prevent the glass from cracking.

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There are some rules applied when drinking tea with milk in England.

The British, for example, have two areas for drinking tea with milk. One of them is a cozy environment that gives warmth like a fireplace, and the other is a window seat that will make you feel good when you look out.
After selecting the area, there are two tables for tea and teapot. Tea and teapot are not put on the same table.

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Mixing food while drinking tea is not welcomed in England. Instead of tea, snacks such as sandwiches and cakes are preferred.

Tea pleasure, which lasts for approximately 1 hour, is determined according to the guest’s choice. If the guest wishes, milk is added to the tea glass or teapot. The hosts keep up with the guest.



3/4 black tea
4 tablespoons of sugar syrup
1 mold of ice cubes
1/2 glass of glass of milk

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To make tea, first start by preparing the sugar syrup. After boiling 1 glass of water, put 1 glass of sugar on it and remove it from the stove when it melts. Put it in the refrigerator.

You can then prepare the black tea. Then, respectively; Blend the ice and milk in a blender.

After adding the tea you made, add 5 tablespoons of sugar syrup. You can serve it after mixing it well.

Bon appetit…

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