What is dragon breath? How to make dragon ice cream?

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The dragon nafsi, known as “ice cream that makes smoke come out of the mouth of the eater” and attracts the attention of children, is sold on almost all streets. Are you wondering what the dragon breath, which is very popular on social media, is made of? Then let’s learn together…

Dragon’s breath ice cream, which has been spreading rapidly recently, draws attention on all streets and streets. This flavor, which was brought to Turkey from America in 2016, is called Dragon Breath in our country, even though it is Dragon Breath abroad. Dragon’s Breath is an ice cream variety that offers a visual feast with the nitrogen it contains and has started to be popular in Turkey. Naturally, many people wonder how dragon breath is made and the source of the fumes on the ice cream.

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The reason for the smoke coming out of the dragon’s breath is the liquid nitrogen added to it. Liquid nitrogen, also known as nitrogen, which is the liquefied form of nitrogen gas, which makes up 78 percent of the atmosphere, in special tanks under high pressure, is poured onto salty or sugary meringues, and smoke emerges. This product, which is produced in the USA, is seen and consumed as an entertaining alternative, especially by young people, in many countries such as Thailand, Brazil, England and Sweden.


Dragon breath glands arrive in Turkey ready from abroad. Places that offer this product to their customers pour liquid nitrogen on meringues and serve them. Dragon breath needs to be consumed within 4-5 minutes, as liquid nitrogen evaporates immediately in an unpressurized environment.

After consuming Dragon Smoke, which is being prepared with the help of liquid nitrogen, you will see smoke coming out of your mouth.

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When you eat this dessert, whose slogan is ‘Fun Coolness’, you can see that there is a coolness in your mouth. While preparing this product, it makes use of the 78% nitrogen in the air we breathe. Since liquid nitrogen is already used in medicine and by many famous kitchen chefs, it is a scientific fact that there is no harm to health.

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Dragon breath is sold outside for 10 TL.

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