What is cord entanglement? Cord around the baby’s neck in the womb

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One of the common situations during pregnancy is the cord entanglement around the baby’s neck. Moreover, this situation, which is encountered not only in the neck but also in other parts of the body such as hands and feet, often gives anxiety and anxiety to expectant mothers. What is the function of the cord, which provides the baby with the task of providing oxygen, nutrients, and blood flow? How is the cord wrapped around the baby’s neck in the womb? Causes of cord entanglement:

Couples who want to be parents experience feelings together that cannot be explained when they learn that they will become parents. This process takes about 9 months for couples who listen to expert recommendations for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy period after a positive pregnancy test. The development of the baby growing in the mother’s womb and how the birth will take place are often worrying and stressful. This is due to the fact that it may come with various complications during pregnancy. Even if there is a trouble-free pregnancy period, sometimes negative developments can be recorded at birth and the cord entanglement around the baby’s neck is one of them. The task of transporting nutrients and oxygen in the blood of the expectant mother from the spouse to the baby is ensured. What is called cord entanglement is the umbilical cord wrapping around the baby’s neck . We searched for you about the entanglement of the cord, which sounds like a terrible event even when heard from afar.


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The extension that is effective in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the baby is called the cord. This cord, which extends from the opening in the umbilical part of the baby to the placenta in the uterus, is approximately 50-70 cm long. The cord, which is vital for the development of the baby in the mother’s womb, is also effective in protecting the vessels between the placenta and the baby. In studies on cord entanglement, which is seen in an average of 3 out of every 10 pregnancies, it is suggested that the cord length is longer than it should be.

In the cord that does not have the same length in every baby, the risk of cord entanglement is higher for babies with long cord length.


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The risk that babies born with normal birth, that is, naturally, can experience compared to other babies 30 is more. Sometimes, while it is circulating once, sometimes more entanglement can be seen. Although cord entanglement mostly wraps around the neck, there is a possibility that it can get entangled in the hands and feet as well. Cord entanglement is dangerous for pregnancy and baby’s life wherever it is. If you ask

“Who has the most frequent cord entanglement around the baby’s neck?” , the answer will be multiple pregnancies . However, cord entanglement is more common in boys than girls.


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When the baby’s heart rate decreases when labor pains begin, cord entanglement is understandable. When cord entanglement is detected, babies born by cesarean section do not have a normal delivery. Especially in the last stages of pregnancy, if the baby’s movements are restricted or not at all, this may be due to cord entanglement. Therefore, one of the first signs of cord entanglement is a decrease in the baby’s mobility.

There are two main points to consider when a cord entanglement occurs. The first issue here is how long the cord has been wrapped around the baby’s neck and the other is how the cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck or other parts of his body. It is more risky than the first.


Any negativity in the cord, which is vital for babies, may cause anxiety in expectant mothers. . The compression of the vein and cord in the unique structure of the cord is prevented. Therefore, babies can easily tolerate this situation.

Stillbirth can occur if blood flow is interrupted before delivery occurs. In such cases, the pregnant woman is turned to the left side and the heart rate is expected to reach the normal level by giving oxygen. If there is no improvement in the heartbeat, the doctor may consider an emergency cesarean section necessary.


There is nothing that the expectant mother during pregnancy can do to prevent cord entanglement. However, in order to avoid such risky situations, the movements of the baby should be checked in the last trimester of pregnancy. The baby in the womb needs to move more than 10 times a day. If these movements fall below 10, or if the number of movements of the baby, which moves 15 times a day, decreases to 5, it can be considered risky.

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