What is an epidural (normal) birth? How to have a painless birth?

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The epidural, which relieves expectant mothers who are faced with birth anxiety and anxiety, is a very popular birth method recently. What is the epidural (normal) birth that breaks the preconception of mother candidates against birth? How does the epidural delivery method take place? What are the advantages and risks of epidural delivery? Here are the things to know about epidural birth…

Although some of the expectant mothers whose anxiety increases as the time of birth approaches, although they want to apply the healthiest method for their babies, they can hear the painful experiences of those around them and be affected by them. Expectant mothers who give up on normal birth and want a cesarean section due to their anxiety and fears would not be so prejudiced against normal birth if they knew about the stitching pain they will suffer after cesarean section. If there is no health problem in the expectant mother or baby, the most healthy and natural method that experts strongly recommend is normal birth. Despite these recommendations, there is another popular method for expectant mothers whose normal birth anxiety continues! With the application of the epidural method, which is a combination of normal birth and cesarean delivery, many expectant mothers go into labor with less anxiety. So how is a painless birth (Epidural)?

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The difference between epidural method and cesarean delivery method is that regional anesthesia is preferred instead of general anesthesia applied in cesarean section. Just like in normal birth, the baby is brought to the world in a normal way, that is, without being removed from the incision in the abdomen. By choosing the epidural method, the expectant mother feels the touch and pressure, but does not experience pain.


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If the expectant mother has a low pain threshold or does not feel ready for birth Delivery can be performed by choosing the epidural method. Even if an epidural is preferred, it cannot be expected to leave the delivery room as if nothing had happened. Of course he will feel a little bit, he will feel it so that the baby will come out more easily with the pushing. A special needle is made from the waist of the expectant mother and anesthetic is administered through the catheter placed in the spinal cord. In this way, the lower back will become numb and the pain will not be felt.


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With the contractions at the moment of birth, the baby progresses in the canal and comes out. Stages at birth that take place in 3 stages; opening is the exit of the baby and the aunt is the exit of the new placenta. Although various methods such as hypnosis, acupuncture, aromatherapy, breathing exercises can be preferred to reduce labor pain, the most effective is the epidural.

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– While the expectant mother is conscious, she will be able to witness the miracle of her baby’s birth moment by moment.

– Expectant mothers who cannot deliver normally due to some reasons will be able to see their baby as soon as it is born, even if they do a cesarean section.

– Provides painless delivery.

– Hardly performed for women who are overweight.

– Skin infection may occur, although it is less likely.

– The most common problem faced by women who prefer epidural is low blood pressure.

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