What are the ways to look weak?

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Although you are at peace with your excess weight, if you want to look stylish all the time, you need to be careful about your clothing choices. So what are the clothes that make you look slimmer? Here are some slimming style tips…

It’s possible to look slimmer without losing weight or exercising. For this reason, preferences play an important role in choosing clothes. Contrary to popular belief, clothes smaller than your body do not make you look weaker. Loose clothes can make you look wider, and narrow choices keep your overweight areas in the foreground. Therefore, women who have always adopted being stylish despite being overweight may not find what they hoped for with their wrong choices and get upset.

You can create a preference list by paying attention to the cuts, patterns, colors, models and accessories you will combine, especially when choosing clothes that make them look weaker than they are.

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Wear one color


When you wear clothes that bring two different colors together, all the attention is paid. it will concentrate on your abdominal area where these tones combine. If you do not have a thin waist, wearing a monochrome outfit instead of this choice will make you look both thinner and taller than you are.

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With your line designs on clothes, you can make yourself look slimmer when you are. Horizontal lines show the person shorter and overweight than they are, and vertical lines have the opposite feature. In this case, it is useful to act strategically. Designs with vertical stripe patterns, such as outfits with a single tone, also make overweight women look slimmer and taller than they are.

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High waist trousers


The only feature of high waist trousers that make the leg length appear longer it is not limited to this. In addition, these trousers, which provide the closure of the abdominal area, make women who want to look thinner due to their excess weight reach their goal.

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Reveal your shape


Add your own interpretation to the dress, tunic or jacket you wear you can get the view. A belt that you will wear around your waist can give you an hourglass appearance by highlighting the natural waistline.


Since high heels make you look taller, you will naturally look slimmer.

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Highlight the accessories


You can distract all the attention from your weight with the accessory comments you will add to your style. Long and large accessories can be your savior in this sense. In addition, the accessories you will use will create an illusion on the opposite side and make you look taller and weaker.


You can shape your body with corsets and similar underwear products. Did you know that corsets don’t just hide your tummy or slim your legs? Such underwear clothes also give shape to the body.


One of the most important ways of looking thin and tall is getting ourselves used to standing upright. Lift your chin and square your shoulders. A ticklish and hunchbacked posture will make you look fatter than you are.

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