What are the most elegant ferace models of 2022? How to wear a ferace in hijab clothing?

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Abayas that you can wear for four seasons have become the savior of hijab women. In general, you can wear the abaya models, which are preferred in loose cut and plain colors, and go out easily. So what are the most elegant abaya models of 2022? How to wear a ferace in hijab clothing?

Abaya is one of the indispensable parts of hijab fashion. Abaya models are among the bestsellers with their fabrics and perfect sewing. Ferace, which dates back to ancient times, can be used by both women and men. Abaya, which was widely used in the Ottoman period, was called zenane in women’s clothing and was called roller in men’s clothing. Apart from being comfortable, the fact that there are many types of models also allows women to make choices. With the presence of many models, especially women with hijab can find abaya models according to their own preferences. Among the most preferred ferace models of the season; balloon arm Abaya models are included. These abaya models, which look very nice, continue to be the focus of attention of hijab ladies.

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Abaya models that will leave their mark on 2022


Every piece of hijab clothing has a wide range of sizes. Among the abaya models, which are usually produced in abundance, there are also wide options for large sizes.

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Features of Abayas

Abayas are also produced in other colors besides black with non-see-through fabric. If you wish, it is very easy to find patterned abaya models.

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Abaya models

Plus size clothes are sometimes more expensive than other products, but plus size abaya models can take their place in your closets at a very affordable price.

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Patterns also available

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Armine Abaya 21KD5003 Black

Armine Abaya 21KD5003 Black / 399,90₺

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Armine Pleated Abaya 21K8501 Black

Armine Pleated Abaya 21K8501 Black / 479 ,90₺

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Armine Abaya 20Ka5002 Purple

Armine Abaya 20Ka5002 Purple / 449,95₺

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