Weekend combination suggestions for young people!

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With the warming of the weather, women have started to consider comfort as well as elegance in their clothing choices. We, as Yasemin.com, have brought together a few pieces for you to take a beach walk with your close friends at the weekend.

Alternatives for women who are fond of clothing in the fashion world do not run out. By combining various colors, it can keep warm in winter and find a way to refresh it in summer. During these times when the sun is showing its face, you can feel the wind blowing by taking a walk in a forest or having a lively conversation with your close friend on the Beylerbeyi beach. In your weekend activity, you can enjoy the spring without ignoring your elegance. Now it’s time to take your summer clothes out of your wardrobe, which is overwhelmed by sweaters and coats. We have great suggestions for you for weekend styles that keep comfort and elegance together.


Monochrome styles with black and white stripes;

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Monochrome styles with black and white lines

Black and white colors, which can harmonize lines with spring weather, continue to be among the most assertive of monochrome styles. These designs, which appeal not only to young people but also to women of all ages, are especially prominent in sweatshirt models. In these days when we will feel the wind slightly on our neck and the weather is starting to warm up, black and white are still among the indispensable choices. In addition, these two colors provide convenience in combinations.

Weekend comfort with blazers;

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A weekend comfort with blazer jackets

Blazer jackets, which never cease to appear before us from past to present, manage to match itself not only with blouses or shirts but also with sweatshirts. Hot weather, which has inspired stylists’ designs in their imaginations, is now knocking on the door. Women who get caught up in the workload during the week want to leave a comfortable touch to the weekend. We, too, approached sports with a classical perspective for business women. We dressed blazer jackets that fit every shoulder to sports. We brought together a zebra-print sweatshirt, which has been trending recently, and a jacket that carries the nobility of black. If you think of such a combination, you can add movement to your style with the appropriate accessories.

A cool weekend with tracksuits;

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A cool weekend with tracksuits

Tracksuits that we can’t get over the comfort of during the time spent at home during the pandemic process are now the crown of street styles. Tracksuit sets, which reshape the style line of the fashion world, are also at the top in hijab clothing. In the list of tracksuit sets that do not come out of the showcases with various color and design alternatives, it also includes models that reflect the serene stance of spring. You can leave a color from the summer months to the streets during a weekend program with your friends.

Now is the time to take a walk;

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Now is the time to take a walk

After the cold winter days, the white ones that we did not dare to wear with the arrival of spring are now impatient to get out of the wardrobes. Paint-patterned clothes, which were on trend lists in previous seasons, started to make a name for themselves this year as well. Fashion-conscious women who are always looking for ways to look stylish should also give a chance to clothes that keep comfort at the forefront. In order for you to leave behind the workload during the week, we have created a combination with a white trousers that is a symbol of courage. We wore walking shoes with soft colors underneath.

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