Week by week pregnancy: How to understand 1 week pregnancy? 1st week pregnancy development

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You found out that you are pregnant and are you wondering what awaits you and your baby in the next period? Then this news is just for you! How does baby development progress week by week? What happens in the first week of pregnancy? How is pregnancy calculated? The first week of pregnancy development specially prepared by Ebrar Albayrak, one of the editors of Yasemin.com:

A wise verse for believers “… Without his knowledge, no fruit leaves its peel, no female The expression “ (Surah 41, Verse-47) cannot conceive and give birth” clearly shows that no one except Allah (cc) has the authority to make a female pregnant. The creation attribute of Allah (cc), who created the entire universe from the smallest being to the largest being in the universe, even if it is the size of a mosquito, appears today with the word ‘Tekvin’ . So much so that it is mentioned in the Qur’an , “Allah has created every living thing that moves from a kind of water. Some of them crawl on their stomachs, some walk on two legs, some walk on all fours. Allah creates whatever He wills. Allah’s power is certainly in every shape. enough for anything.” In the verse (Nur, 24/45) it is stated that Allah created what He wanted as He willed. An important point we can say in this sense is; It is about the disappointments of those who want to get pregnant but cannot achieve their wishes no matter what is done as a medical method. It should not be forgotten that the doors of prayer are always open for our worldly and hereafter wishes, and it is important to be able to pray to Allah sincerely. ‘It may be that you don’t like something; whereas it is good for you. It may also be that you love something, but it is an evil for you. Allah knows, you do not know.’ As it can be understood from the verse (Surat al-Baqara/216), perhaps the right time is expected for a good baby, or Allah wanted to test you like that. We can already guess that you will not be able to describe the happiness you experience when you pass the test with patience and prayer and become pregnant. So what will happen next? Let’s examine you and the development of that little one who fell into your womb after the baby miracle…


How excited and happy when a situation that you have wanted for a long time comes true We can guess that you are. You can follow your baby’s development moment by moment in pregnancy applications designed specifically for newly pregnant mothers. The thing that expectant mothers enjoy most in such practices is what the baby in the womb looks like. However, we are sorry that if you are in the first week of pregnancy, there is no shape yet. Even though obstetricians calculate the 1st week of pregnancy to determine the fetal age, from a biological point of view, the interval in which the main pregnancy and the baby will start to take shape is after the 3rd week.

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The reason for this is that the first day of the last menstrual period is counted as the beginning of pregnancy. When you have intercourse with your partner, the egg and sperm cells are on the 10-14th day of your period. The real pregnancy starts after the 3rd week, as fertilization will take place between the 3rd day.


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The pregnancy process in which physical and mental changes will be experienced intensely If you are in the early stages, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that may occur in your body without you noticing! When we look at women during pregnancy, some of the most common symptoms in the first weeks are as follows:


– Delay in menstruation,

– Stomach nausea or vomiting,

-Disgust or craving for food,

-Weakness, fatigue, sleepiness,

-Continuous urination,

– Hypersensitivity and some changes in the breasts,

-Excessive sensitivity to odors.

Although the symptoms seen in pregnant women in general are like this, it should not be forgotten that every woman’s body will be different and her emotions will be variable.



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If pregnancy is to take place, today you will see the last bleeding of your menstrual period. If you have not been pregnant yet, but baby formation will be seen this month, this week when the last menstrual bleeding is seen, not the last fertilization date, will be counted as the first week of your pregnancy. This situation is the best answer to the known mistakes with the date of pregnancy. When the pregnancy news is received, the mother-to-be may think that the last time they had intercourse is the beginning of pregnancy, but the real truth is the first day of the last menstrual bleeding. Therefore, the date of the menstrual period is very important for the first week of pregnancy.

During this first week, the eggs that are candidates for fertilization will grow and mature. One lucky egg among them will be fertilized with a sperm cell after 2 weeks.

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The eggs, which are protected in units called follicles in the female body, are surrounded by specialized cells. These cells are where the female hormones called progesterone and estrogen hormones are produced. 6-8 of the cell clumps in the follicle grow rapidly. These special cells that surround the follicle also secrete estrogen daily into the blood. When mixed with a certain amount of blood, the brain receives signals that it should ovulate. While the brain receives signals, a nest is prepared for the baby in the inner layer of the uterus.

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