Trendy super wide leg pants fashion of the season

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In the trouser fashion of 2020, super wide leg trousers models draw attention. It is important that you look at the right combination suggestions and know which body type suits you for super wide leg trousers models that reflect the activity of the season. We have compiled all the things you need to know about the super wide leg pants fashion in our news.

The 2020 season has entered a period in which super wide-leg trousers will take the leading role both in shop windows and on the streets. Designed for every body type and form, these models began to appear in the catalogs of world-famous brands. The reason why it was so popular in our country was the photo of the famous singer Hadise with a combination of wide-leg trousers. These models, which have attracted the attention of fashion followers in a short time, are popular in every clothing style. So how do you combine super wide leg trousers designed in different color and pattern forms? Which pieces look more stylish with super wide-leg trousers? We have collected the answers to these questions for you in a single content and included the combination models.

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Wide leg trousers are the ideal trousers model for those who suffer from weight gain. It has a superpower that can both make the underweight look heavier and the overweight ones hide their weight.

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This type of trousers should definitely not be preferred by short people. Because it makes the person appear shorter than they are. All other lengths, etc., except for short ones. This model, which is suitable for body types, should be used with a leg length 2-3 fingers long from the heel.

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It should be fitted at the waist and the belly button is closed, which will also make the trousers lines come to the fore. If your trousers are active, you can choose solid colors and motionless models on them.

To make the trousers stand out even more, you can place the blouse, shirt or blouse inside the trousers.

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