The risks of the birth control pill! Who should not use the birth control pill?

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He investigated the low but possible risks of birth control pills, which is one of the common methods preferred for protection. Kiss. Dr. According to Banu Çiftçi’s statements, who should not use birth control pills? Side effects of birth control pills:

Some newly married couples may want to use birth control pills for protection because they do not feel ready to be parents. According to expert recommendations, birth control pills should be taken with doctor’s control and approval, otherwise it may cause some problems in the body. Birth control pills that suppress estrogen and progesterone hormones, which are female hormones, may not be considered appropriate due to some risks, no matter how low-dose they are.


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The most serious side effect that can be fatal; It is seen that people with coagulation disorders increase coagulation even more, from clot accumulation in small vessels to lung or brain throwing up to death. It’s very unlikely. It can happen not only in the birth control pill, but also in other drugs.

In case of sudden swelling, temperature increase and pain in one leg or arm, a doctor should be consulted.

May cause headache, trigger migraine.

May cause distress in someone with liver disease.


-A woman over 35 should definitely not use birth control pills if she smokes in her daily life!

– It is still very dangerous if a pregnant woman with coagulation disorder has smoked.

-If the doctor detects problems in expectant mothers with clotting disorders during pregnancy, they may not consider it appropriate to use birth control pills after their pregnancy ends.

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