The most trendy pieces to wear in spring!

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After a hard winter, the warm days that we miss spring are at the door. The pieces that do not fall off the trend lists are already starting to crave to be worn. We have brought together the most trendy pieces suitable for spring for you. Here are the most trendy pieces suitable for the spring of 2022…

The cold winter days have finally passed. In these days when the sun started to smile on the faces, women who like to dress stylishly started to carry their summer clothes on their shoulders in their wardrobes.

The fashion world, which has reached the peak of street styles in the past, also showcases its designs for the spring summer season of 2022. New collections released every season appeal beyond our imagination. Stylists, who bring together pieces that are not thought to come together, are making savior moves for combinations. In these recent times, where it is important to provide a comfortable image as well as elegance, it is no longer a problem to bring different textures side by side. As soon as we see the sun, we have collected the most trendy pieces that will mark the spring of 2022 for you. Here are the most trendy pieces you can wear in the spring of 2022…

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The most trendy pieces of spring 2022


Indispensable pieces trench coats;

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Indispensable pieces trench coats

Trench coats, one of the most trendy pieces that can be worn as soon as you see the sun, have long sleeves to sit on the throne of the stamp coats that we can’t get rid of from the cold winter days. rolled up. Trench coats, where you can walk comfortably on the streets, come in different designs and colors. These pieces, which fashion designers do not get bored of presenting on the catwalks, continue to exist in our lives, bearing a trace of the past. Trench coats, which are almost at the top of the trend lists every season, do not hesitate to add self-confidence to your stance.

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Trench coat combination suggestion

Colorful blazers with every shade;

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Colorful blazers with every tone

Blazer jackets that adapt to combinations with every color, being at the top of trend lists after trench coats does not get boring. Although these pieces, which have been frequently seen recently, offer a classic look, the combination can be adapted immediately with a sporty touch. It is also easy to find blazer jackets that you can find with different designs of almost every brand. With its new season designs, it prioritizes 2022 colors with every tone from purple to blue, from green to pink, from yellow to orange.

Time to return to long skirts;

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It’s time to return to long skirts

It’s time for skirts, which are not very pleasant to wear on cold days, to come to light. Long skirts, which show up in the showcases with their various alternatives, are not only among the top pieces in hijab wear, but also in the hit list of world fashion. Missed by many women, these maxi pieces are ready to hit the streets with the signals of spring.

This spring is very comfortable with dresses;

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Very comfortable with dresses this spring

Dresses that don’t worry about what to wear have rolled up their sleeves to take their place on the shoulders with the warm weather slowly coming. Coming up with fabric alternatives, the dresses offer a stylish and modest look with their minimalist patterns. Dresses designed with sweat absorbing cotton fabrics, which are especially preferred in hot weather, continue to be the crown jewel of women. Dresses that can be worn alone can be combined with a single piece in these weather conditions that are not yet fully warmed up. Of course, the name of this piece is a trench coat or blazer jacket.

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Dress and blazer combination

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