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Good news for those who want to cheer up their tables with different flavors instead of ordinary soups at iftar! We have compiled easy-to-make yet delicious soup recipes for you. We share with you hearty soups that will leave a mark on the palate even in a single spoon.

The English word soup, originating from Soup Sanskrit, means ‘good nutrition’. Soups, which are indispensable in Turkish cuisine, have an important place especially in Ramadan. There are records showing that soup was prepared and drunk about 10 thousand years ago. The 2400-year-old soup in China was found by archaeologists in the ancient city of Xi’an. However, it is not missing from the tables in our country. Soups, which are both hearty and nutritious, can be a storehouse of vitamins in iftar and can be satiating in sahur. You can diversify your tables with different recipes instead of cooking from ordinary soups. You can easily access the easy and practical recipes of these soups, which add abundance and flavor to the table, in our article. However, if you want to spice up your tables with different names instead of cooking ordinary soups, you can choose a soup that suits your taste from the list we have prepared. Here are the easiest and different soup recipes in today’s article:


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The most famous and delicious soup of Gaziantep cuisine. We are here with the recipe of the delicious Mahlıta soup, which is among the most popular recipes. Mahlıta soup, which is easy to make and has a great consistency, is a recipe that sour lovers will love. Click to cook the delicious mahlita soup: MAHLITA SOUP RECIPE


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Roasted eggplant is a side dish for barbecued chicken and meat. However, pots and pans where you can roast eggplants at home have been removed. How about cooking a delicious soup with the eggplants you roast at home with these pans? Roasted eggplant soup, which you will like very much with its mild consistency, is an easy recipe for those who like to try different soups. Click for the recipe: RECIPED EGGPLOT SOUP


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Umaç soup, which is easy to make and will be liked by everyone, big and small, is one of the popular tastes of Kocaeli region. Umaç soup, which can be prepared with the ingredients found in every kitchen, is generally served at wedding and invitation tables. So how is umaç soup made? Click for the recipe: UMAÇ SOUP RECIPE


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There are many types of soup that is always consumed before the main meal. Among the thousands of flavors in Gaziantep, there is also nesting soup. Click for the recipe for the nesting soup, which is both hearty and delicious in taste, unlike other soups: NUSING SOUP RECIPE


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We have a great recipe for those who are interested in local tastes. Kırşehir, which is famous for its pita, also has the legendary köme soup, which has been loved for centuries. You will also like the kome soup prepared with strained yogurt and vegetables. Click for the recipe: BREAKDOWN SOUP RECIPE


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We are here with the recipe of pum pum soup that astonishes those who hear its name. Pumpum soup, which is very practical to make, is among the most special flavors of Bartın cuisine. Click for the recipe of the delicious pumpum soup made using corn flour: PUM PUM SOUP RECIPE (0) )


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Thimble soup, which comes from Adana and enters our kitchens, is also known as ravioli soup . The taste of the thimble soup with ravioli and chickpeas is amazing. One of the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine, Thimble soup will be an indispensable part of the table with its delicious ravioli. Click for the recipe: THREAD SOUP RECIPE

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