The easiest holiday desserts! The easiest dessert recipes to make at home for Eid

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To decorate crowded tables with different desserts during the feast, you can choose recipes that are elegantly presented. In this article we have prepared, we have brought together the most elegant and practical desserts, which have been coming to the festive tables for centuries and consumed lovingly. The most practical holiday dessert recipes that you will like when you see them are in our article.

It is sunnah to eat sweets, especially dates, right after the morning prayer on the day of Eid. But generally, there are homemade baklava, lokma and kadayif desserts. There are also dairy desserts. We know that our tradition of eating sweets comes from the time of our Prophet (saas). The custom of eating dates before going to the musalla after the Prophet’s (saas) Eid prayer was considered a sunnah, and this conception gave birth to the tradition of offering sweets on Eid. There were those who, like Ibn Sirin, made it a custom to offer some sweets made from flour, butter and honey or date paste even in the period of Tabin. If you want to flavor your family tables with practical desserts during the holiday, you can review our article.


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Güllaç, one of its special desserts, can be made not only during Ramadan but also during normal times. Güllaç dessert, which is both healthy and light, is one of the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine. The product of the magnificent harmony of corn starch, flour and water. Well, how is Güllaç dessert proof that a delicious dessert can be made with few ingredients? Click for the recipe: GULLAÇ DESSERT RECIPE


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Cup dessert is a sweet dessert that you can use as a decoration at home by being decorated with fruits. This dessert, which takes its name from the cup used to shape it, is mostly cooked with vanilla flavor. However, the delicious cup dessert, which can be transformed into different flavors upon request, can be prepared quite easily for your special invitations. Click for the recipe: CUP DESSERT RECIPE


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You can easily make Şambali, a semolina dessert unique to Western Anatolia, at home instead of buying it from outside. Click here for the recipe of şambali dessert that will keep its taste in the mouth and at the same time suppress the sweet cravings: ŞAMBALI DESSERT RECIPE


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Those who like light flavors generally prefer milky desserts. Among the milk desserts, which are easy to make and extremely delicious, the most popular one is Kazandibi. Well, would you like to make the wondibini that you ate in the dessert shops and that you like very much at home by following the tricks? Click for the recipe: KAZANDIBI RECIPE


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Bread kadayıf, which is one of the delicious recipes of Erzurum as well as one of the street tastes, is among the practical recipes made by the ancients to evaluate stale bread. You can also make the bread kadayıf dessert, which many people love to consume, at home right away. Click for the recipe: BREAD KADAIFI RECIPE


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We share with you the most practical and delicious recipe of Şekerpare dessert, which is consumed a lot by sorbet lovers. You can easily make Şekerpare dessert, which is one of the indispensables of Turkish cuisine, at home. How Does? Click here for the recipe for easy candy pare: SUGAR RECIPE

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