The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s message in her candy pink coat!

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Members of the British Royal Family love to give messages with their clothes. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was spotted at an event for the first time after her Oprah interview with her husband, Prince William, created a sensation.

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry visited a school in east London to celebrate children’s return to school after a break from face-to-face teaching due to the coronavirus. However, the focus of the British press was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. After a tense week for the royal, Kate Middleton, who appeared before the public, preferred candy pink for her appearance at the event.

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According to NTV’s report, although the visit took place at a difficult time, Kate Middleton wore a pink Boden sweater and the same shade of Max & Co. He managed to dazzle again with his coat. The Duchess completed the look with a quilted Jaeger bag.

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Stylist and fashion expert Samantha Harman, Duchess of Cambridge’ He suggested that there was a meaning behind her dress.

Stating that pink is a calming color associated with kindness, Harman said, “The Duchess may want to reflect a sense of calm at a time when all eyes are on them” and continued as follows:

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“The Duchess appeared in public for the first time after her Oprah interview. The pressure has probably been intense to convey the right message with the right look.”

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A few years ago, it was claimed in the newspapers that Meghan made Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge cry, because of the tension they had over a flowery dress before the wedding. However, Markle had stated that it didn’t make Kate cry, it was the other way around. In the interview, Meghan said, “A few days before the wedding, Kate made me cry because of her flower girl dresses and it really hurt my feelings” . Adding that Kate apologized to him later, Markle said that he did not tell this story ‘to humiliate Kate’ , but that he was a ‘good person’ .

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