The daughter of the Prophet, Hz. What was in Fatma’s dowry bundle? dowry set for marriage

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Expressing the importance of living a ‘simple’ life in our religion at every opportunity, our Prophet (SAV) gave birth to his only daughter, the Prophet. He also gave advice to Fatima on this issue. Dowry bundles, which contain only things that are needed away from waste, are one of the actions that befit a Muslim. What is a dowry list? Here is Hz. Fatima’s plainest and most modest dowry, far from showing off…

Our biggest problem in this age when we have thousands of Muslim brothers in need of a dry bread and a drop of water, we don’t wear what we wear once, and we are bored of eating what we eat the next day. It is a flamboyant and ostentatious life. Fancy life, which is one of the biggest problems that we have started to normalize in our age, albeit unintentionally, is one of the common attitudes of many users, especially on social media. We started to lose our essence in the name of ‘ popularization ‘ when we were talking about the latest model cars, new trends, brand clothes. In verse 131 of Surah Taha: “Do not set your sights on the show of the worldly life that We have given some of them to test themselves. The provision of your Lord is better and more continuous . While Allah (cc) warns us in this way in the verse, we refute our lives with the temporary pleasures of the ephemeral world, as if we were not commanded. When we look at today, especially on Instagram, we see colorful powdery lives as if death, hunger and poverty did not exist. On this platform, which does not reflect reality, everything is exaggerated and laid before our eyes. If you need to give an example; Costly wedding preparations for the newlyweds, extravagant treats and gifts for guests, various new household items… So what does our religion say about this? The only bud of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) Hz. A dowry bundle worthy of Fatima…


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Being modest, free from waste and showing off is a lifestyle recommended by our Prophet (SAV). Hz. When one of the Companions mentioned the world next to the Prophet Muhammad (SAV),

“Do you not hear, do you not hear? Living simply is from faith; living simply is from faith.” commanded. (Ebû Dâvûd, Tereccül, 1/4161; İbn-i Mâce, Zuhd, 4.)

0eNfv 1542621327 6794 Beloved’s rosebud Hz. She is Fatima. Hz. Fatima, St. She made a very simple preparation by avoiding waste at the time of her marriage to Ali in the sky.

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Hz. Fatima’s pack contained only 18 items for her needs. In the world’s most plain and modest dowry bundle;

Quilt made of green velvet
White shirt worth seven dirhams
Wide headscarf worth four dirhams
A black velvet aba
divan made of date fibers
Made of Egyptian linen; Two mattresses, one filled with fiber and the other with wool
Four pillows made of Taif leather
Flour sieve with pulley
A few white fringed ram skins for prayer
Hand mill
Copper basin

Wooden pot
Medium size water whip
Green colored water jug ​​
There was a pot and a mug made of earth.

Instead of a dowry consisting of thousands of precious jewels, gold, silver, layered mansions and magnificent mounts, there was no dowry more sacred than the most precious in the sight of Allah, ‘ chastity .

This is what the dowry of the rosebud of our Prophet (SAV) consisted of…

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