Surprising decision from the court! Going home late is both the divorce and the reason.

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Recently, a young couple filed for divorce due to severe incompatibility and was brought to the Supreme Court. The court returned with a surprising decision to the man who neglected his wife and home.

The last woman who fell ill among the couple, called her husband and asked for help. However, his wife ignored this situation. Thereupon, the woman who applied to the court emphasized that her illness was exacerbated as a result of her husband’s negligence. She also stated that her husband, who comes home late, neglects the house. The court then signed a precedent decision.

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Coming home late at night, not taking care of his house and needs of his house It is understood that the plaintiff-counter-defendant man is at fault in the events leading to divorce due to his faulty behavior in the form of not meeting. The court and the regional court of appeals decided that these faulty behaviors of the plaintiff-counter-defendant man did not constitute an attack on the personality rights of the woman.


However, from the evidence gathered within the framework of the file, it is understood from the evidence gathered that the plaintiff-counter-defendant man did not take his wife who fell ill at night to the hospital, a relative of the woman took her to the hospital, thus not taking care of her house and her husband.

This alleged faulty behavior of the plaintiff-counter-defendant man constitutes an attack on the personality rights of the woman. In that case, instead of accepting non-pecuniary damages for the benefit of the defendant-counter-plaintiff woman, it was not considered correct to reject the request in writing, and required reversal.

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