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There may be times when we feel that our family ties are regressing or weakening for different reasons. Both my lack of time and monotonous lifestyle cause this. With the joint work of couples therapists and psychologists, the list of activities to strengthen family ties

While family ties are among the most unbreakable in the world, sometimes we feel weakened or loosened. In such ties, there is a decrease in the peace and happiness at home. Individuals who have lost their peace should not break the integrity of their mothers and fathers, and should try to strengthen them more than ever. Family ties are not difficult to strengthen, as they come with a sense of responsibility from within. Taste happiness “together” with a list of activities to strengthen family bonds jointly prepared by couples therapists and psychologists…

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family activities


Drinking a coffee on a nature walk or playing ball on a picnic with the effect of the fresh air strengthens your family ties. In this direction, it was explained that staying away from technology and acting like you are only a handful of family in the world is good for the interaction and communication of individuals.

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Pets from people It has stress relieving properties. This kind of bond of shared responsibility will be good for your family ties. It has been noticed that the direction of the relationship is towards the positive side because it increases the communication within the family. It is also an important factor for family members to get to know each other.

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family activities


Reading for personal growth Its importance is an undeniable fact. It plays a role in the alert state of the mind, reducing stress, enhancing memory and expanding vocabulary.

It has been observed that reading books as a family both instills this habit in children and increases the strength of family ties with this activity done together. While the intellectual level increases with the books read, it has a great impact on the child’s understanding of social life. With this activity that increases the empathy ability, the sense of empathy within the family also develops.

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family activities


Picture Such handicrafts enable the development of a part of the brain that we call psycho-motor. Individuals can create hobby corners at home according to their hobbies. Since it will be a team work, it is one of the activities that activate and strengthen family ties.

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family events


Food enjoy doing it with your loved ones. The flavor that comes out with a taste that everyone will add will be unique. Psychologists stated that the distribution of tasks according to what individuals can do increases team solidarity and trust.

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family activities


Family It has been determined as one of the methods that strengthen family ties to ensure that individuals share every new information they learn. Family members who learn to share and discuss together with this method will always be hungry for knowledge as they will apply it in the same way in the outside world.

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family activities


Family ties Another activity that strengthens it is to concentrate on plants such as flowers. While it is seen that the soil reduces stress, it will also increase your common points. Remember, the more joint events you organize, the more partnership you will have in your life. You nurture trust and love for the person you partner with. Love, on the other hand, increases the level of peace of the individual.

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family events


Everyday make up stories about tomorrow. Take family analysis on selected events and characters in these stories. Thus, the ideas and behaviors that lie in the subconscious will begin to manifest themselves.

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