Over-the-counter pills! Does a menstrual cramp prevent pregnancy?

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It is necessary to know the effects of the menstrual pills used by women who have delayed menstruation. It is one of the wonders whether menstrual pills, which you can easily find in pharmacies, can be used during pregnancy. Do menstrual pills terminate pregnancy? What are the names of menstrual pills? How are antiperspirants used? Can it be used in breastfeeding mothers and during pregnancy?

The menstrual condition that women see at the beginning of each month can manifest itself earlier or later than the time due to some conditions such as stress, weather change and nutrition. Even if it is regular in general, temporary menstrual irregularities can cause problems due to vacation or different plans. Today, although there are anti-menstrual drugs and anti-menstrual pills to solve this problem, it is not known how beneficial or risky they are in terms of health. When we look at the society, the problems related to the menstrual period are mostly delayed menstrual periods. One of the first methods used by people whose period is delayed is anti-menstrual drugs. These drugs, which should not be used without the approval of the doctor, can create new effects in the body and cause serious harm. You can examine the details of our news to find out whether menstrual pills are effective in abortion or miscarriage during pregnancy or what effects they have on the body. What are over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs? Do menstrual pills abort a baby? Is it possible to terminate the pregnancy with menstrual pills? How many days and how can menstruation pills be used?


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The expectorant drugs taken by women who want to apply medical methods to start menstruation as soon as possible on delayed menstrual days are as follows: Tarlusal, Luteynyl, Duphaston, Advil Liquigel, Glifor, Cyclo, Apranax Fort… The effect of bleeding from the body during the menstrual period estrogen and progesterone hormones it depends. If estrogen from these two hormones is high in the body, it includes the time when bleeding is not seen, that is, there is no menstrual period.

If the progesterone hormone is high, it is the time of bleeding, that is, the period of menstruation. In this case, progesterone must be low to prevent menstrual bleeding. In order to prevent this situation, when the properties of the menstrual pills requested from the doctor are examined, menstrual bleeding occurs due to the high progesterone.


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Bleeding between 3-5 days after you have finished using the menstrual pills It is expected to arrive within the day. This process can sometimes take up to 1 week and at the latest 10 days. The most important result of not acting alone in the use of menstrual pills is that there should be no suspicion of pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is a risk of losing the baby if menstrual cramps are used during pregnancy.

The use and dosage of these drugs, which are not used during pregnancy, are very, very important. In all necessary and unnecessary situations, using a menstrual cramp can cause side effects.


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Some problems due to the structure of the uterus when there is any inconvenience in the use of menstrual pills may occur. The biggest disadvantage of menstrual cramps is that they can cause miscarriage during pregnancy. Even if it is not miscarriage, there is a risk of birth defects. Since the hormones in it can cause serious harm to babies, even a pregnancy test can be done before use.

It is known that some menstrual pills Tarlusal, Progestan, Cyclo-Progynova, Duphaston that doctors apply in the treatment of abortion.


If menstrual pills, which are harmful not only for pregnancy but also for mothers during breastfeeding, are used at this stage, the risk of transmission to the baby through milk is quite high. Even the foods consumed by the breastfeeding mother in her daily life are passed to the baby, and these drugs, which contain high amounts of female hormones, cause especially gender problems. In order to take into account the health of the baby, the use of such drugs is not considered appropriate, neither during pregnancy nor during breastfeeding.

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