Out of Kinder Surprise! What is Salmonella bacteria? What are the symptoms of Salmonella?

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While the whole world continues to fight the coronavirus, terrible news came from the continuation brand, which is indispensable for children. Salmonella bacteria were detected in the brand named Kinder Surprise. With the ongoing investigation by UK food companies, we have investigated the salmonella bacteria for you, which people are curious about. What is Salmonella bacteria? What are the symptoms of Salmonella?

After the hospitals in England were overflowing with children, experts took action. After the increase in the number of children presenting with symptoms such as vomiting, fever and diarrhea, experts detected the salmonella virus. Salmonella virus is the type of virus that causes typhoid. Salmonella is occasionally seen in humans transiently. The symptoms they show progress in a mild course. However, in some people, this virus can cause a severe reaction. The most common health problem is diarrhea.

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salmonella virus is seen in foods


The virus usually enters the body through the food from which it reproduces. Symptoms appear after a maximum of 5 days. Since the risk of bacterial infection is quite high, it damages the stomach and intestines.


Exactly how the Salmonella virus arises is unknown. However, the bacteria is increasing rapidly in food and drinking water. It can mix with soil or water from places where human and animal wastes accumulate in the same area. Milk and dairy products, poorly cooked meat, foods that should not be consumed raw also contain salmonella bacteria.

When these are consumed, cramping pains are seen primarily in the stomach and intestines. As these pains increase, fever and body tremors are experienced. Although Salmonella does not harm the immune system much, it causes fever by crashing the digestive system of the body. It causes the body to lose water rapidly.

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salmonella virus is seen in foods


Salmonella virus has no clear cure. However, experts are given antibiotic treatment for emerging digestive problems. It is more beneficial for people to consult a specialist before their symptoms increase. Because the virus causes a serious digestive system collapse.

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