Newborn umbilical cord care! How is the umbilical cord thought care done?

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After a newborn baby’s umbilical cord falls off, umbilical cord care should be done carefully to avoid infection. How to care for babies after the umbilical cord falls off? Here are some tips for parents…

In most newborns, the umbilical cord falls off almost 2 weeks after birth. When the umbilical cord falls off, it should be carefully cared for by parents. The umbilical cord, which allows the baby to receive nutrients and oxygen during pregnancy, is clamped and cut during birth, and a small piece remains afterwards. This piece, on the other hand, will be in a sticky, jelly-like, watery form, and will turn yellow, brown and black in the coming days and fall off on its own. It is very important to care for the umbilical cord gently and gently until it falls off on its own. Problems with honey on the umbilical cord in the newborn period and things to consider in terms of the umbilical cord:


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Experts stated that the umbilical cord in babies is a proboscis-like organ extending from the middle between the placenta and through which blood vessels pass. They emphasize that it is one of their organs. The nutrients and oxygen it needs are transmitted to the baby through the placenta through the umbilical cord. The length of the umbilical cord, which can extend up to the 28th week in the mother’s womb, is approximately 55 cm at the time of birth . Although the exact reason for the change in the length of the umbilical cord, which does not have the same length in every baby, is not known , it has been suggested that the cord may be longer depending on the baby’s mobility .


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Complications that develop due to some problems in the umbilical cord and occur during pregnancy and delivery can be listed as follows:

1- Cord entanglement: While cord entanglement in the neck, which can be seen in one of every 4-5 births, is generally not a serious condition, it can be quite risky for some babies

2- Cord compression: Blood and oxygen flowing to the baby when the cord is under pressure decreases. It may require an emergency cesarean section.

3- True knot in the cord: This sporadic problem is usually noticed after birth and rarely causes problems in the baby.

4- Cord prolapse: When the water bladder is opened, the umbilical cord protrudes from the cervix. It must be intervened immediately, otherwise the baby may die.


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New mothers and fathers are worried and a little scared about their baby’s care. When a wrong method is followed in the care of the umbilical cord, it can become an inconvenient situation for the baby. It is necessary to pay attention to some points in order not to get infected while cleaning the umbilical cord that falls off by itself approximately 2 weeks after the baby is born.

It is very important that nothing touches the area of ​​the umbilical cord and that it remains dry. The umbilical cord, which is initially yellowish and then turns bluish, takes on a black color close to falling off.

You can perform the cleaning process 2 times a day by tilting the latch attached to your baby’s navel without hurting it to the right and left. You should care for both parts of the latch in the form of the upper and lower parts, otherwise the tie may fall late.

There may be slight bleeding around the umbilical cord. However, this is normal, if there is continuous bleeding, it could be a sign of a problem. In such cases, do not neglect to go to the doctor.

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