Long skirt models you can wear in spring 2022!

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Long skirts, which we postponed to wear during the time spent at home due to pandemic measures, come up with various models this year. Fashion-loving women have already started preparations to enjoy the spring with skirts designed with different color and pattern alternatives. So, what are the long skirt models that will suit spring? You can find the details in the rest of our news.

Different patterns and designs came together for this season in long skirts, which print their name in gold letters on the trend lists of hijab every year. P world-famous brands, which evaluated the time we spent at home due to the pandemic measures, started to include long skirt models in their collections. Long and patterned skirts took their place in the showcases to make us live the spring we missed. Long skirts, which change the atmosphere of the environment by adding a different energy to the combinations every year, took action to add energy to the spring of 2022. These long skirt models, which will add color to the spring, inspire women who love simplicity as well as looking stylish. We, as the Yasemin.com team, have suggested a combination with long skirts that reflect the taste of spring for you.


For flower lovers;

For flower lovers

Long skirts that we dare not take out of our wardrobes, whose motifs and colors we cannot carry on us, are looking forward to appearing with matching accessories. Long skirts, which were preferred by women wearing hijab in the past, are making their mark this year with various cut and color alternatives. We will see more of the reflection of the flowers inspired by the stylists in 2022.

Floral patterns with spring branches;

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floral patterned skirts

While these transition seasons, when the sun is laughing now, are starting to create question marks in the minds of fashion-conscious women, floral patterned long skirts appears with patterns that reflect spring. Women who want to be at the forefront of street styles and pay attention to their elegance and comfort in these periods “What will I wear?” He will no longer waste time with the question . Floral patterned skirts, in which spring branches are felt intensely, are ready to accompany especially friends meetings or a morning breakfast that you can go to with the family.


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H&M / Patterned Skirt

H&M / Patterned Skirt: 249.99 TL

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H&M / Maxi Skirt

H&M / Maxi Skirt: 499.99 TL

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ZARA / Embroidered Midi Skirt

ZARA / Embroidered Midi Skirt: 659.95 TL

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COTTON / Floral Ruffle Midi Skirt

COTTON / Floral Ruffle Midi Skirt: 149.99 TL

wCRVB 1648458381 5733

KOTON / Blue Patterned High Waist Ruffled Maxi Skirt

COTON / Blue Patterned High Waist Ruffled Maxi Skirt: 159.99 TL

cPUdD 1648458717 5173

LCW GRACE / Elastic Waist Patterned Long Skirt

LCW GRACE / Elastic Waist Patterned Long Skirt: 63.99 TL

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