Is the gender of the baby determined in the first trimester of pregnancy?

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We have researched for you whether expectant mothers and fathers can learn the sex of their baby in the first three months. Is gender determined in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question by gynecologists throughout their professional lives is ‘When is the baby’s gender determined’ . Although information about whether the baby will be a girl or a boy is revealed by ultrasound control, it is known that the male chromosome determines the sex. Females have 46XX chromosomes and males have 46 XY chromosomes. When the man fertilizes the woman’s chromosome, it is effective in determining the sex with which chromosome he fertilizes. If the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, it will be a boy, and if the X chromosome fertilizes the egg, it will be a girl. So, is it possible to find out the gender of the baby in the first trimester of pregnancy?


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The baby’s gender is determined at the earliest 14th week in ultrasound, which is one of the most important controls that are effective in determining gender. The baby’s posture and not opening his legs can lead to misconceptions in sex. It is necessary to wait for the 16th week of pregnancy in order to determine the sex of the baby for sure.

Although studies have been conducted on the possibility of the correct gender in the first trimester of pregnancy, no ultrasound technique has been found to determine the gender 100% in the first trimester. Therefore, gender estimations made by ultrasound before 14 weeks of pregnancy are not accurate. According to the common views among the people, the ways of estimating the gender are as follows:

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The mother’s tummy is pointed
Light urine color
Increase in pimples
Right breast larger than left breast
Constant cold feet
Baby’s heart rate (pulse) below 140
Hair growing fast and shiny
Craving for sour and salty foods
Sleeping lying on the left side
Absence or low amount of nausea and vomiting


Round belly of the mother
Dark urine color
Left breast larger than right breast
Baby’s heart rate higher than 140
Craving for sweet foods
Extreme nausea and vomiting
Sleeping lying on the right side
Your hair to be thin and matte

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