How to strengthen children’s immune system? Immune system boosting foods

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Keeping the immune system strong, which protects the body by fighting infections and diseases, is important for everyone from seven to seventy. People with low body resistance need a healthy diet to protect against the virus. We have compiled for you the mixtures that you can consume to strengthen your child’s immune system. How to strengthen children’s immune system? Here are some useful mixtures for children…

For human health, it is of great importance to have a strong immune system so that the body can cope with various disease-causing microbes and cold. In particular, in order to protect against epidemic viruses, it is necessary to try to strengthen the immune system with the nutrition program and simple exercise movements, which should be more careful than ever. We should protect our children and give importance to healthy eating habits in diseases where people with low body resistance succumb more quickly and more commonly than other people. If you want to protect your child against diseases looming outside, you can include mixtures that will strengthen the immune system in the nutrition program. So how to strengthen the immune system in children? What are the recommendations to strengthen the immune system? Here are the miracles that strengthen the immune system, which will help your child’s development as well as protect them against germs:

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Among the benefits of royal jelly, which acts as a shield against cancer diseases, it is also known to strengthen the immune system. It can be consumed daily, up to 1 teaspoon, by mixing it with honey, which is healing in terms of antioxidants.


You can mix ginger and turmeric with yogurt, which strengthens the immune system, and feed it to your child. Put 1 teaspoon of turmeric and ginger in 1 bowl of yogurt a day.


You can mix a banana, one of the favorite fruits, with yogurt and give it to your child. This mixture also has the feature of activating the intestines.


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So what should be done to strengthen the immune system in children? Here are the things that parents should pay attention to…

1- The first criterion that we can say is indispensable for strengthening the immune system is balanced and high quality nutrition. Therefore, do not forget to make your child a healthy breakfast.

2- Feed your child 1 egg every day, which is very rich in vitamin A.

3- Consume nuts such as hazelnuts, raisins and walnuts throughout the winter.

4- Pay particular attention to fish consumption, which is very important for eye health.

5- Ensure that your child consumes fruits with plenty of vitamins and minerals in their snacks.


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In winter months, when diseases are common, it is very important to protect the body against microbes. is important. If the right vegetables are consumed in the diet, which is directly related to the strengthening of the immune system, it can be protected against diseases. So which vegetables should be consumed during this period? Here is the effect of vegetables on diseases…

Brussels sprouts: It reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes by preventing weakening of the immune system.

Cabbage: Cabbage, which is rich in pulp, protects the stomach and intestines.

Biceps: It is effective against eye disorders and brain development.

Broccoli: Protects the intestines and reduces cholesterol.

Celery: It is protective against Alzheimer’s diseases.

Pumpkin: Prevents skin from looking aged.

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