How to make the easiest scrambled eggs? Tips for scrambled eggs

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Eggs with minced meat, which is among the hearty breakfast dishes, can also be served as a meal upon request. Eggs with minced meat, which is a protein-rich food, can be prepared quite easily. So, how to make scrambled eggs? If the ingredients are ready, we can move on to the recipe for eggs with minced meat, which you can easily prepare in the morning and evening.

Eggs are the glory of breakfast, as well as the favorite of those who seek practical but nutritious meals at other meals . One of the best examples of this situation, which can be summarized as “If there is no food, we break an egg” is scrambled eggs. Of course, you can add ingredients such as grated tomatoes and chopped parsley to the egg with minced meat, which can be eaten with pleasure at other meals of the day, and you can easily run from flavor to taste. This dish, which is the favorite of those who want to prepare something practical, takes its place on the table in an average of 30-35 minutes. We leave the materials and preparation stages of the scrambled eggs below.

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1 tablespoon of olive oil
4 medium onions
2 green peppers
8 eggs
200 g ground lamb
1 teaspoon of salt

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Chop the onions. Chop the peppers into thin rings. Cook the onion in olive oil.

Add the ground beef and peppers and continue frying. Season with salt.

Crack the eggs on the mortar so that the yolks do not deteriorate and close the lid of the pot.

When the egg whites are fully cooked, take the pan off the stove. Divide the scrambled eggs into plates and serve.

Bon appetit…


To keep the eggs juicy, add the ground beef after frying and do not wait too long.

In order for the egg to have a denser consistency, you can continue cooking by closing the lid of the pan.

You can increase the taste of the minced egg you prepared by serving it with homemade corn bread.

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