How to make the easiest salad? The most different and delicious salad recipes

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Salad is also very important besides preparing various dishes on crowded tables. If you want to prepare a salad that is compatible with the main dishes, you can take a look at the recipes we have prepared. These salads, which are both satisfying and very practical to make, will suit the iftar tables very well. Practical and different salad recipes are only on!

Salad is usually a plain mixture of vegetables or fruits, or a food mixture prepared by pouring yogurt or sauce on it and accompanying meals. Salads are the healthiest and most nutritious part of the table. You can make salads with different foods. Sometimes, foods such as meat or cheese are also put inside. Numerous varieties are made that are specific to the season and the region where it is made. If you want to prepare a delicious and different salad especially for your crowded guests, this news is for you. You can check out the details of our news for delicious salad recipes that will set aside all the salads prepared from vegetables such as raw tomatoes, green peppers, onions, curly lettuce, cucumbers. You will also like these nutritious salads, which will be both satisfying and as a stand-alone meal.


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There is no meal that does not suit potatoes. You can bring it to your tables, whether it is as a crispy fry for breakfast, roasted for lunch, or by making tomato paste for dinner. The recipe we are going to give you now consists of potatoes meeting with onions and vinegar. Click for the delicious potato salad recipe: POTATO SALAD RECIPE

Dried Tomato Salad

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You can bring it to your table with different recipes. You can prepare dried tomato salad, which you can prepare in 10 minutes, and which is very practical to make, you can serve it at iftar or sahur. Click for the recipe of dried tomato salad, which will be great for those who are bored with ordinary recipes: DRY TOMATO SALAD RECIPE


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American salad is a very delicious salad that you can prepare for afternoon tea alongside main courses. You can make the salad, which is very easy to make, with a ready-made side dish and offer this delicious light salad to your loved ones. Click for the recipe of American Salad: AMERICAN SALAD RECIPE


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Gavurdağ salad, which is not missing from the kebab tables in Gaziantep, is formed by the combination of delicious ingredients. We share with you the recipe of gavurdag salad, which you can easily prepare at home. Click for the recipe of the gavurdag salad, which weighs heavily on meat: GAVURDAĞ SALAD RECIPE


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You will like Tabule salad, which can be consumed alone as it is both filling and delicious. The delicious tabule salad, which you can prepare practically before the iftar hours, will decorate the tables. Click for the recipe of this salad: TABULE SALAD RECIPE


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Coleslaw salad, sold in world-famous fad food chains, goes well with spicy crispy chicken wings. You can also call Coleslaw, which leaves a mark on the palate and is also a source of vitamins, cabbage salad. With its consistency, you can consume it with bread or with soup. Click for the recipe of Coleslaw salad: COLESLAW SALAD RECIPE


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Lebanese salad, which is among the delicious salad varieties in world cuisine, has become one of the most sought-after recipes today. Also known as Arabian salad or Tabbule salad, this salad will be both satisfying and different when consumed at iftar. Click for the recipe of Lebanese salad: LEBANON SALAD RECIPE

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