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Güllaç, one of the most special desserts of Ramadan, is waiting impatiently to decorate the iftar tables. Güllaç dessert, which is both healthy and light, is one of the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine. So, is it possible to make Güllaç at home? What are the tricks of making Güllaç? How to make the best and most delicious gullac? Homemade recipe of delicious gullac, which will leave a mark on the palate, is only on!

The herald of Ramadan, the Güllaç dessert made since the founding years of the Ottoman Empire, stands out as one of the most sought-after dessert recipes of the month of Ramadan. Although it is usually bought from outside, the most delicious thing is made at home. We answer your questions about Güllaç, which appeals to both the eye and the palate with various decorations and meets your sweet needs even though it is a mild flavor. Güllaç leaves, the product of the magnificent harmony of corn starch, flour and water, become the crown jewel of Ramadan tables when combined with walnuts, milk and rose water. Well, how to make Güllaç dessert, which is proof that a delicious dessert can be made with few ingredients? What are the tricks? Here is the Güllaç recipe with its tricks…

  • Güllaç leaves are the result of pulping and drying starch to keep it fresh longer. Keep in mind that Güllaç leaves, which keep their freshness for a long time under the right storage conditions, must be fresh when making desserts. Broken or easily crumbled Güllaç leaves should not be used in recipes as they are not fresh enough.
  • There are three main points to consider in making Güllaç: Güllaç leaves, milk and sugar. Another factor as important as gullaç leaves for making Güllaç, which will be appreciated by your customers, is the use of milk. Accordingly, the milk used in the recipe of Güllaç must be full-fat. Whole milk will make the dessert much tastier.
  • We strongly recommend you to decorate the Güllaç recipe, which will whet your appetite with its appearance as well as its taste. Accordingly, it can be said that the most used fruit for the decoration of Güllaç is the pomegranate. In addition, cherries and strawberries are among the flavors that go very well with the Güllaç recipe.



1 pack of Güllaç (10 leaves of Güllaç)
1.5 liters of milk
2 glasses of sugar
Chopped hazelnuts
2 tablespoons of rose water

For the topping;

Pomegranate seeds

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Start the recipe by first preparing the syrup. Put the sugar and milk in a deep saucepan and mix until warm. Never boil the milk.

Then put the gullac leaves in a deep tray. Pour the milk with a ladle so that all parts are wet.

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Repeat the same process for 5 Güllaç leaves and sprinkle hazelnuts on this floor after wetting the 5th layer with milk. Lay the other Güllaç leaves on it by wetting them in the same way.

Take one glass of the remaining sugary milk and add rose water into it. Finally, after pouring the top of the dessert, put it in the refrigerator.

After resting for at least 2-3 hours, you can decorate and serve as desired.

Bon appetit…


Güllaç is a dessert that must be consumed the day it is made. Because the top of the gullaç leaves can dry up the next day and if it contains walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts or fruit, it can darken the gullaç and spoil the taste of the milk.

Adding rosewater to Güllaca is an Ottoman tradition. However, you can also make Güllaç without adding rosewater. You can add pomegranate juice instead of rose water, or you can add vanilla to milk to prepare a different aroma.

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It is necessary to make the gullac with plenty of milk. After the leaves of Güllaç are wet, if they come into contact with air, they become jelly and lose their flavor. For this reason, it should be prevented that the gullac, in which a lot of milk is poured, comes into contact with the air.

Walnut is the most suitable for Güllaç, which can be decorated with various nuts. Since hazelnuts and pistachios change the color of the rosemary, walnuts are generally preferred, as almonds also give bitterness to the rosemary.

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