How to make pudding in the supplementary food period? Hearty semolina baby pudding recipe

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It is also important that the foods to be consumed in babies who have passed the supplementary food period are as delicious as they are filling the stomach. You can have an easier feeding with foods that have a taste that babies can enjoy. Here’s how to make delicious semolina and apple pudding at home…

Although it is a healing store in terms of health, where the baby gets the vitamins and minerals needed from breast milk during the first six months of breastfeeding, extra solid food is added to the breast milk during the supplementary food period. experience begins. It is very important for babies, who will encounter a different food for the first time after breast milk, to taste the flavors that are pleasing to the palate so that they do not refuse the food they will eat. We have compiled an easy recipe for pudding, which brings together apple and semolina, which we know to be beneficial for health. Here is how to make pudding with apple and semolina, which you can prepare very easily…

RECIPES WITH APPLE AND semolina pudding

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1/2 apple

1 teaspoon semolina

1/ 2 tea glasses of water

1 teaspoon of molasses


For the apple and semolina pudding you will make for your 6-month-old baby, put water in a small saucepan. After peeling the skin of the apple, grate it well on a glass grater. Put the apple in the water and cook it under the stove for an average of 3 minutes. After apples soften, add semolina and cook for 3 more minutes. At the end of 3 minutes, turn off the stove and when it is warm, add molasses and enjoy it.

Bon appetit…

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