How to give a bath to babies? Tips for washing a baby in a newborn bath

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We have compiled suggestions for first-time parents to erase their worries about the ‘first baby bath’ for you. With the information that will guide you about washing your newborn baby, you will be able to give your baby a bath in a very easy and practical way. You can read our news to learn about how to wash your baby, either alone or with help from someone.

One of the situations that couples who have just given birth and become parents for the first time worry the most about baby care is taking a bath. The main source of concern here is that the parent feels inexperienced because he will be the ‘first’ in practice even if he has been informed beforehand. The thought that occurs in response to the possibility of harming their babies during washing causes anxiety in mothers and fathers. Experts recommend having someone else with them, especially for couples who are going to give their baby a bath for the first time. In case of any inadequacy, it is possible to take a bath more quickly and easily by getting help from the other individual. The baby’s first bath should be done after the umbilical cord falls off. When the necessary preparations are completed in the face of an ideal room and water temperature, you can start your baby’s bath. So how should a newborn bath be done? Here are those tricks…

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For the newborn bath, you should have a few cotton pieces in a small bowl with the water that has been pre-boiled left to cool. While holding your baby in the towel, wet the cotton with warm water. Then gently wipe your baby’s eyes with separate cotton pads.

Wipe from the bridge of the nose without applying outward force. Clean the outside and back of the ear after the nose. If you notice, we did not mention putting cotton in the nostrils and ears, because it is a dangerous move. Wipe your baby’s face again with moistened clean cotton. Holding your baby in your lap in the water you have prepared, cover the ears with two fingers of your hand, keeping the head up.

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While holding your baby in the water with one hand, wet his body by throwing it out of the water in the tub with your other hand. Wash the armpits, jowl, chest, abdomen, legs and feet thoroughly by wetting the baby shampoo that you will squeeze into your palm with water. Whether by hand or with a bath sponge, whichever suits you best…

It’s time to wash your head… Lay your baby’s head face down on your arm while washing, then pour water slowly and wash the head with gentle movements with a small amount of baby shampoo. . Pour the water right behind his head so that the water does not get into his ear. After washing your baby, immediately wrap him in a towel and move on to the drying phase. Here’s your baby immaculate!


It is extremely inconvenient to use soaps that will cause irritation and hardness on the bodies of babies whose skin is more sensitive and delicate than us adults. Therefore, experts do not recommend using soap in the bath, especially in the first weeks. Since baby skin will need natural oils at first, soap can be used after the first month.

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