How to combine summer veiling dresses? 2020 dress models

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Combining dresses, which is one of the most preferred pieces of hijab clothing in summer months, requires a lot of attention. So, how to combine hijab dresses? What should be considered when making a dress combination? We have included the details of hijab dress combinations for you.

In the summer months, dresses are most preferred in hijab clothing. However, there are details that you need to pay attention to when creating a dress combination in hijab clothing. Because creating a dress combination in hijab clothing requires a little more care. We have compiled stylish hijab dress combination suggestions for you, which will allow you to wear them comfortably in the summer months. So, how to combine hijab dresses? The ideal dress length for hijab dresses is one piece from the length. Non-sweaty, flighty fabrics are ideal for the summer months. Non-sweaty fabrics for summer months are sile fabrics. The first thing to do when combining the dress is to act on the color of the dress fabric. You can use 2 different ways for this:

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– Contrasting color suitable for the tone of the dress can be used. For example, if it is a light-toned fabric, a dark tone combination that is compatible with it can be preferred.

– As another method, the opposite tone of the color can be used. In this way, you can create a stylish union of contrasting colors.

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Light tones are always preferred for summer months. This season, the trend dark tone is black and brown. When choosing accessories, you can choose a contrasting tone of the fabric color. E.g; For a black summer dress, a white necklace will look very stylish.

If your dress is patterned, it would be more appropriate to use flat accessories that are motionless and do not strain the eyes. Accepted in the accessory class; In items such as shawls, scarves, bags and shoes, you should prefer less used light tones instead of dominant colors.

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Another point to consider when creating your combination is that the dress is suitable for your body structure. If you are a very thin person, you should stay away from patternless pieces and not choose single color models. If you have a weight problem, you should use patterns without patterns and stay away from light colors.

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