How to combine gingham and how to wear it?

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Gingham, one of the most preferred fabrics of the summer months, is now preferred not only in skirts but also in many pieces such as dresses, shirts and jackets. So how are gingham fabrics combined and how are they worn? Here is what you need to know about gingham fabrics.

Gingham clothes were among the trends for last summer. Gingham, which means small checkered fabric, is frequently preferred not only in fashion but also in decoration. It is quite possible, especially for the summer months, to create stylish and assertive combinations for the gingham pieces that you are accustomed to seeing on the charming actresses of old Turkish movies. But the important thing is to create the right combination of gingham fabric pieces. So, what kind of combinations can be applied for gingham pieces and how to wear these pieces? We have compiled the combination suggestions and application methods for gingham pieces in a single content for you.

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gingham fabrics, which used to be mostly used in skirted dresses, can now be used in almost every piece. Remarkable pieces emerge with different cuts. The most common color uses for these pieces are black-white and red-white. Recently, pink, yellow and light blue tones are also used besides white.

Bell model can be preferred when wearing a gingham fabric piece. This will look very stylish for fabric models. Choose warm tones when the bell model is worn. Keep the skirts wide as well.

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When a gingham dress or skirt-blouse suit is worn, a bandana or scarf that will be tied around the neck will be the right choice as an accessory. In terms of color, you should choose a color that is different from the gingham fabric, but compatible with it.


It will be a stylish choice to use the same colors in other pieces to be used while creating a combination with black and white, which is one of the classic colors. For coloring, you can use shades of red, yellow, gold and silver.

In other tones other than black and white, you can still choose vibrant tones for accessory parts.

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