How to choose sunscreen cream? Sunstroke in children and its precautions

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The biggest danger that awaits children who stay in the sun for hours is sunstroke. As parents, you can prevent some problems by taking precautions against sunstroke in your child. So what to do to protect children from sunstroke? How to choose sunscreen cream for babies and children? What should be considered when choosing a sunscreen cream? sunstroke in babies and children:

With the arrival of summer months, sweltering hot weather began to be seen. In this case, there are some important issues that families should pay attention to so that their holiday does not turn into a nightmare, taking advantage of the schools to take a holiday and arranging a nice holiday organization. Room; Sun stroke! You may need to take some precautions to protect your children from sunstroke, who will be running around in the park or garden or will be under the influence of the sun for hours at the seaside. If you want your child to gain a vitamin D supplement, you should act cautiously and take the necessary precautions so that there is no poison after your holiday. So how do babies and children protect themselves from sunstroke? What are the symptoms of sunstroke, how to intervene?


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Although the sun’s rays, which are very important for meeting the vitamin D need of the body, are a very valuable source, they can cause various ailments when you stay under them for a long time. can cause. Especially in newborn babies and children over 5 years old, sunstroke can cause very serious problems. Fatigue and coma caused by prolonged exposure to heat or excessive activity in hot weather are signs of sunstroke. If sunstroke is not noticed early , it can cause permanent damage such as brain hemorrhage, kidney and heart failure , and may even lead to death.


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Families must make sure that children have more sensitive and thin skin than us adults. All she needs to do is apply sunscreen cream. It should be noted that it contains substances that contain mineral filters but do not cause allergies. You should apply the protective cream at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun.

Even if sunscreen is applied, if there is a chemical filter in it, there is no point in applying the cream, on the contrary, the risk of allergy will be higher. Sun creams with factor 50 and above should be preferred for babies with very fair skin, colored eyes and under 1 year old, and sun cream with factor 30 for dark-skinned and dark-skinned children should be preferred. Doctor’s approval must be obtained for the most appropriate cream selection.


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1- Products suitable for age level should be used.

2- Care should be taken to include physical protection in the product to be used on children who will be exposed to intense sunlight.

3- The same products should not be used on the body and face areas. If you apply the cream used on the body to your child’s face, some stains may be seen.

4- 30-50 protective factor is sufficient.

5- You should apply the sunscreen cream half an hour before your child is exposed to the sun, not when your child sees the sun.

6- Instead of applying once a day, you should use a protective cream every 2 hours.


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Body temperature of 40 degrees or higher,
Deterioration of mental status or behavior,
Sweating, skin redness, warmth and dryness
Nausea and vomiting
Rapid heartbeat
Headache, fatigue and weakness
Muscle cramps and aches are symptoms of sunstroke.


– Some sunscreens should be tested before use as they may cause skin allergies . Before the day of application, apply it to a small side of your child’s arm and cover it with a band-aid. Remove the Band-Aid when you go out the next day. If there is no redness, swelling or itching in that area within 15 minutes, the tested sunscreen can be continued to be used. Sunscreens left over from the previous year should never be used.

– You should definitely not go out in the sun between 10.00-16.00 when the sun’s rays are perpendicular. Even if the weather is cloudy, sunscreen should be applied.

– You should prevent the body from becoming dehydrated by ensuring that it consumes plenty of fluids.

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– You should wear light-colored and thin clothes.

– You should not miss the hat and glasses so that the sun does not fall on his head.

– From time to time, you should let your child or baby wet their head with water and cool off.

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