How to choose a coat according to body type? How to choose coat models according to body shape

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When choosing coats and coats, such as the outfit combinations you make, be careful to choose the one that suits your body type. The biggest mistake women make in outerwear is not choosing a coat according to their body type. When the coats are chosen according to their body type, they reflect your style and make them look the best on you. So, how to choose a coat according to body type, how to choose a coat suitable for the body?

You need to know what your body type is in order to add elegance to your elegance and look beautiful even on cold winter days. It is a fact that women who know their body type get a slimmer and more stylish look with the right cut clothes. Dressing according to body type is one of the details that both women and men should pay attention to. It is possible to hide your weight, which is one of the biggest problems of today, by choosing the right clothes. As the weather gets colder, you can dress in layers and look great with winter jackets. To look really good by finding a coat according to your body type, don’t forget to take a look at our news before choosing your coat.

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Knowing your body type and dressing accordingly is very important for both men and women. Because at the beginning of a style that will work wonders on you, knowing your body type lies.

Coat recommendations for short women

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There are a few details that short women should pay attention to when choosing a coat to look taller. When shopping for clothes and outerwear, you should choose vertical lines instead of transverse stripes, and one-piece, solid-color clothing actually makes you look taller than you are. Therefore, a long and monochromatic coat will keep you warm and integrate with your body. If you have a slim body, you can also choose crop models that end at the waist. Body-fitting designs instead of oversize may be a more suitable style for your body type.

Coat recommendations for pear body

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Pear type, which is one of the body types that some women have, is the body type that stands out as wide hips, thin waist and narrow shoulders. That’s why you can buy belted coat models to emphasize the thin waist. In general, women with a pear-shaped body should prefer long and medium-sized coats. Because short coats bring the hips to the fore, and thus the place you need to hide is revealed. You can also create your own style by showing your shoulders wider with scarves.

Coat recommendations for apple body

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It is the leg part that should be highlighted in the apple-type body, which usually draws attention with the fact that the waist folds are not very prominent. Instead of fluffy or loose-fitting coats, you should prefer models that do not fit the body but reveal the lines relatively. You can highlight your legs with short coats and coats. Also, opt for monochromatic and plain models, and if you like patterned designs, try coats with vertical stripes.

Hourglass body coat recommendations

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Hourglass body may be the group with the luckiest body when buying clothes. The fact that the waist is proportional to the hips and chest will help you choose an easier coat. If you do not want to reveal your curves too much, choose models that narrow from below the bust. You can also get a feminine look with coats with a moving collar, details or embellishments. You can prefer patterned coats, but it is better to choose belted models.


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