How much weight is lost in 1 week? 1 week easy diet list for healthy weight loss

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It is possible to achieve a fit body with healthy diet lists that you can easily apply in a week! We have compiled for you the methods of losing weight by eating healthy in natural ways. Diet lists applied in 1 week! How to make the fastest-acting healthy diet list? Easy diet lists to lose weight fast and healthy in 1 week…

One of the most important steps to be taken on the way to weight loss is a healthy diet. When the nutritional values ​​that the person’s body needs are met, the risk of staying away from unhealthy foods increases. Long-term satiating foods will prevent you from getting extra calories by eliminating untimely hunger crises. Apart from the nutrition that must be taken care of for a slim and healthy appearance, it is important to apply useful movements in order to get the most effective results in the exercises that should be done regularly every day. A better quality of life can be achieved with natural and healthy foods. If you do not know the steps you need to follow to lose weight in a healthy way, you can draw up a program for yourself with the control of an expert dietitian. Apart from losing weight urgently, you can get in shape with diet lists specially prepared for adequate and balanced nutrition. We have compiled for you the types of nutrition you can choose in the diet lists that should be prepared by looking at their eating habits, height, weight and age characteristics. Here are the diet lists that make you lose weight quickly by acting quickly…


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1 slice of cheese or 1 tаnе egg
2 tpens or it can be rye)
Plenty of parsley, arugula and dill, cress
4 grains of olives
Sugar liquor tea (98009а703) (980097003) 18009703 аw milk powder (98009707) (іstеnіrsе milk yеrіnе yogurt dа tükеtеbіlіrsіnіz. (milk іçіnе аzıcık kаhvе koyаrsаnız іçіndеkі kаfеіn nеdеnіylе body mеtаbolіzmаn the hızlаnmаsınа еtkіsі to olаcа.)


-Izgаrа еt (Tаvuk, bаlık , red meat) 1 portion if (If you didn’t eat eggs for breakfast, eggs can also be eaten)
-1 slice of bread (bran or rye) (
-Plenty of fat-free salad
-1 glass of unsalted buttermilk (without salt)


*1 glass of yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal (980070) mеvsіm mеyvеsі (öğlе yеmеğіndеn sonrа doymаdıysаnız mеyvеyі öğlе yеmеğіnіn аrdındаn dа tükеtеbіlіrsіnіz) (9,800,703) (9,800,702) (9,800,704) ΑKŞΑM (9,800,707) (9,800,703) (9,800,702) -1 kаsе çorbа (9,800,709) -5 kаşık zеytіn yаğl the yеmеk (9,800,709) – 1 bowl of yogurt and
-1 seasonal fruit


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1 . DAY:

BREAKFAST: 1 poached fish prepared with grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs (egg with yogurt) and butter sauce, 2 slices of toasted whole wheat bread, 1 cup of black coffee or herbal tea

RUN: 1 banana, Water or coffee

LUNCH: 1 bowl of lentil soup, 100 grams chicken Grilled, 1 portion (250 grams) of Shepherd’s Salad, Glass of water

Snack: Half an apple, Water or herbal tea

DINNER: Baked Vegetables, Half portion of bulgur pilaf, 200 grams of full-fat yogurt

INTERMEDIATE MEAL: 1 handful of almonds, 1 cup of Turkish coffee with milk, Water

2. DAY:

BREAKFAST: BREAKFAST: One slice of wholemeal bread, 10 olives, 1 egg, One slice of full-fat feta cheese 45 grams, One large tomato , Cucumber, Pepper, A cup of filter coffee or herbal tea

BREAKFAST: 1 handful of walnuts, Water, tea or coffee

LUNCH: 5 grilled meatballs, Mediterranean salad, A bowl of zucchini soup, A glass of water

Mid-Meal: A glass (approximately 30 grams) of grapes, Water, herbal tea or coffee

DINNER: Mediterranean salad with tuna, 1 glass of mineral water

MAIN meal: 1 orange, 25 grams of pistachios, A glass of water

3. DAY:

BREAKFAST: A bowl of yogurt, A handful of almonds, a handful of walnuts, A cup of coffee, herbal tea or water

BREAKING MEAL: One fresh pear, One large cup of Turkish coffee with milk

LUNCH: Green beans with olive oil, 2 spoons of mashed potatoes, Water

BREAKFAST: An apple, Mineral water with lemon or lemon slice

DINNER: Beans with meat, A glass of mixed pickles, A slice of rye bread

Snack: One grapefruit, Water, coffee or green tea

4. DAY:

BREAKFAST: One serving of menemen, Two slices of wholemeal toast, One large cup of milky coffee, prepared with semi-skimmed milk, Water

BREAKING MEAL: A glass of grapes, A tangerine, Water, hot tea or coffee

LUNCH: Chicken sauteed with mushrooms, Summer salad with radishes, A glass of buttermilk

BREAKFAST: One orange, Water, coffee or tea

DINNER: Spinach borani, 1 slice of rye bread

Snack: An apple, Mineral water with lemon or lemon slice

5. DAY:

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BREAKFAST: 2 eggs in butter fried, 2 slices of rye bread, A glass of orange juice

BREAKFAST: 2 medium carrots, Water, tea or coffee

LUNCH: One portion of ezogelin soup, 1 portion of cabbage rolls, 1 portion of lean shepherd’s salad

BREAKFAST: Mineral water with an apple, lemon or lemon slice

DINNER: Grilled sea bass, Seasonal salad with lots of greens, 1 slice of corn bread, Mineral water with lemon or lemon slice

BREAKFAST: One fresh peach, Water, tea or coffee

6. DAY:

BREAKFAST: A bowl of yogurt, 5 walnuts, A banana, A cup of coffee, tea or green tea

BREAKING MEAL: One orange, Water, coffee or tea

LUNCH: 2 pieces of lahmacun, plenty of salad and 2 glasses of buttermilk

Minute: Shepherd’s Salad, Glass of water

EVENING: Plateau soup, Broccoli dish (carrot, onion, potato), Mineral water with lemon or lemon slice

BREAKING MEAL: 7 strawberries

7. DAY:

BREAKFAST: One boiled egg, One large piece of tomato and cucumber, 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 45 grams of full fat feta cheese, A cup of coffee, tea or green tea

BREAKFAST: One grapefruit, Water, coffee or green tea

LUNCH: 1 bowl of lentils Soup, 100 grams of grilled chicken, 1 portion (250 grams) of shepherd’s salad, A glass of water

MINERAL MEAL: One raw carrot, One fresh peach, A glass of water

EVENING: Baked Vegetables 285 grams (potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini) Half portion of bulgur pilaf 150 grams, 200 grams of full-fat yogurt

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