How is the easiest way to roast ground beef? Tips for roasting ground beef

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A vitamin-filled flavor that you can consume both for breakfast and as a savior for your family, roasted ground beef is a dish that you can add to any recipe you wish. There are tricks of roasting ground beef, which will be great in the morning with an egg on top of the stuffing of the pastry. So what are they? How to make the easiest ground beef roast? Here are the answers to the questions:

Minced meat is called very finely minced meat in a machine or by hand. It is commonly obtained from beef, sheep and lamb in Turkey, and it is possible to come across turkey and chicken mince. Roasted ground beef, which is loved by many, is among the dishes that are quite simple to prepare and can be a great taste that is further flavored with additional ingredients to increase the flavor. When roasting ground beef, many people ask whether they should roast the onion or ground beef first, or whether to add oil to the ground beef. It would be a wrong choice to fry the ground beef first and then the onion. Many people use this method which is wrong. When done in this way, the onions take the water left by the ground meat and are boiled without frying. In this case, the flavor of the ground meat you roast will decrease.


If your ground meat is raw and you want to roast it for cooking; You should start with a non-stick and non-flammable pan. You should add oil according to the amount of minced meat in the pan. And you should heat this oil for about 1 minute.

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Add the ground beef to the heated oil and mix it by mashing for a while. Stirring will prevent the mince from forming into large balls and will form granular mince.

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Minced meat, which is roasted for a while over medium heat, is first watered. Oh, don’t worry. While the ground beef is cooking, this will absorb the water. After releasing the juice, the mince becomes ready. In the meantime, the color of the ground beef will be a little brown. The minced meat, which changes color, is roasted.

Do not add salt during cooking. Add salt after turning off the stove. Because adding salt to the cooked meat will spoil the structure of the meat and prolong the cooking time.
One minute before you take it off the stove, add the spices you want to the ground meat and mix. Spices added at the last minute not only keep their freshness, but also burn with heat and give delicious results.

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If your ground beef is a little oily, you can reduce the amount of oil added to the pan.
Let’s give a secret about spices. If you add some cumin to the roasted ground beef, you will suppress the smell of meat and make it easier to digest the meat.
To add tomato paste to the roasted ground beef, wait until the ground beef is well roasted and then add tomato paste and fry for a few more minutes.


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First of all, you need to roast the ground beef simply. For this, you can apply the flavor secret a few lines above. Add finely chopped onions to the roasted minced meat. After the onions have left themselves, that is, after they have passed their rawness, they are added to the dishes by adding spices or tomato paste as desired. What you need to pay attention to in this regard is that the onions are chopped evenly.

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