How is pasta made? Tips for making pasta

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How to make pasta, which is one of the most practical meals of student houses and singles, has taken its place in the most wanted list. How to make pasta and what are the tricks for you as the “” team? We searched. Here is the secret of delicious pasta…

Enjoyed by everyone from young to old, pasta is one of the easiest meals to eat. How to make pasta, which is put on Google’s most searched list by first-time cooks, college students and newlyweds, and what are the tricks of pasta? We searched for the answers to your questions. You can improve yourself by trying the simple recipe of pasta, which is flavored with various additional foods. According to researches, pasta is among the most consumed foods in the world. In ancient times, women used to make pasta, which you can flavor with tomato paste or with the ingredients you add, as a preparation for winter. However, now that it is sold in packages in the markets, you can easily cook it at any time of the day.


8 glasses of water
1 flat tablespoon of salt
250 grams of pasta( half a pack)
3 tablespoons of oil
Pasta strainer


First of all, add 8 glasses of cold water to the pot.

Add salt and oil to the boiling water and wait with the lid closed until it boils.

Bon appetit…

Then add the pasta into it, mix it from time to time and until it’s cooked Do not take from the stove. Do not close the lid of the pot at this step, it may overflow.

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If the pasta you are cooking is a stick, stir it often so that it cooks well without sticking to each other.

To understand that the pasta is cooked, you can take it on a wooden spoon and check whether it sinks into the fork.

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Strain the cooked pasta and run cold water over it. This step will prevent the pasta from becoming doughy.

You can enjoy the pasta you put in the pot again.

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The pot in which you will cook the pasta should be deep and large. In this way, you can prevent the pasta from sticking together and forming a dough. At the same time, pasta cooked in less water will be tasteless and its water may overflow.

Salt and oil should be added to the pasta water after the water boils. 1 tablespoon of salt should be poured into 5 glasses of water in large quantities.

Pasta should be allowed to bubble before putting it into water. It should be cooked quickly on medium heat, not on low heat.

If you like to eat pasta with sauce, take the pasta from 1 glass before straining it and add it into the sauce. This gives flavor and consistency to the sauce of the pasta.


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